[Game review] ROOT REXX


Mochizuki Kazune gets really into a boy band known as REXX with one single to its name that disappears into the void after said single’s release, announcing an indefinite disbandment despite the band’s apparent popularity. Life goes on and she transfers into a school soon after, where she finds out that members of said band are currently enrolled in it as well through a series of Complete Coincidences. Thus begins Kazune’s quest to hopefully revive the band as she navigates her own school life.

Wow, I actually managed to finish this game before a year passed me by! It’s a February miracle!

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[Diary] January 2019

Wow, it’s only the first month, but I already have a top contender for “most heterosexual thing I drew in 2019”. I think I only breached that barrier in March last year. A new achievement! Yay! New year, new Kaede! (^o^) Anyway, a list of what I did up to now:

  • Played a bunch of games (The Amazing Shinsengumi, Dead Wishes, ROOT REXX, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk, Bad Apple Wars, Tasokare Hotel, Yotsumegami, HeartBaked)
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika
  • Finished watching Go Princess Precure
  • Attended a wedding
  • Wrote more holiday cards
  • Made things I wanted to make

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[Diary] May 2018


A list of things I’ve done for the month, or up to now:

  • Watched and finished Dokidoki Precure
  • Started watching Heartcatch Precure
  • Played and finished Witch’s Heart
  • Drew a ton of fanart
  • Played and finished IDOLiSH7 Twelve Fantasia
  • Played and finished Period Cube
  • Went back to playing Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3
  • Tried out a bunch of games (Gravity Rush, Muramasa Rebirth, Dot Kareshi, Monster Prom)
  • Got hold of ROOT REXX

Wow, this was an amazingly productive month. Go me.

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