[Game review] Geten no Hana


Classic Japanese history, like how the textbooks tell it! Fujibayashi Hotaru, a shinobi from Iga, is employed by Akechi Mitsuhide to keep a lookout for enemies at Azuchi Castle where his lord Oda Nobunaga resides. To facilitate Hotaru’s movements as she gathers intelligence, Mitsuhide has Hotaru pose as Kikyou, his younger sister hailing from Sakamoto Castle coming to visit him for the month. What kinds of plots will she discover?

This post covers the Vita port (a two in one package that has the original game and the sequel) of the first game, Geten no Hana. I thought of doing one giant post that covers both the first and the second game since the Vita port bundles them together, but I couldn’t think of how I would organise it…speaking of which, it’s been a while since I wrote a full-fledged post for an otome game. I had a four month backlog of pictures on my Vita. I blanked out way too hard after Taisho X Alice and ROOT REXX…games which I really should get back to again…

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