[Diary] June 2019


Sweets party! Sweets party! A list of what I did for the month, or at least up to now:

  • Watched Suite Pretty Cure
  • Reached over 3000 tabs
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika (+ Otomate Party stuff)
  • Made things I wanted to make
  • Burned a candle
  • Played a bunch of games (Royal Alchemist, Liar! Uncover the Truth, Your Turn To Die, Date or Die, Romance Detective, Order a Pizza, Halloween Otome, Re: Alistair, Meeting in the Flesh, Jack-In-A-Castle, You Left Me, Contract Demon, two girls make a game, Chocolate Cage, Monochrome Heaven, My Lovely Daughter, Starlit Flowers, Last Call, Cooked with Love, Maeko’s Memories, Dangerous Fellows)
  • Rewatched Kamen Rider Blade (with a friend)

I am finally getting around to more of my indie game backlog that I just shoved onto my hard drive when I was browsing a bunch of sites on and off. Also featured in this month’s edition: me going completely apeshit over Haili Lalique, and magazine coverage.

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