[Translation] Creator interviews round-up – “Tell us about your game concept!”

I got a bunch of B’s-LOG magazine snippets, so I thought to share some of the creator interviews I scrounged up from them. The scope of series covered:

  • Binary Star
  • Kyoukai no Shirayuki
  • RE:VICE[D]
  • Trigger Kiss

The interviews are mostly a look into how the directors/producers came up with the ideas for their games, and a couple of things about how the lead illustrator proceeded with the art. I didn’t translate everything, but picked out points of interest. I am not a professional, so feel free to correct me if there are any glaring mistakes.

I’m unfortunately not able to pinpoint the exact sources for all the interviews since I got them in the form of cut-up pages, but they should be scattered across B’s-LOG issues some time before each game’s release.

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[Liveblog diary] Binary Star


I had this in my drafts for a while and I figure I might as well kick it out. Yun’s fault and “they seem like very good friends”, the game. I surprisingly had a lot to say about Binary Star as I was playing it…the days of when I was full of energy and still into looking up words in the dictionary for every term I was unsure of. Fun fact: did you know that through Binary Star, you can learn a very specific Japanese term that describes the act of sneaking into a woman’s room at night? (No thanks to Yun, of course.)

I want to finish up my write-ups for other games, but I’m having more fun going through my old liveblogs at the moment, so out this goes. February 18, 2018. …Wow, I played this game over a year ago and wrote about it soon after…time sure files. For the more polished version of this post, head here. Other fun fact: I wrote this as part of this post several months ago, and it still applies…looks at how I’ve put off writing about Geten no Hana’s Yumeakari instalment for a whole year…

Spoilers are not whited out, so take caution.

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[Game review] Binary Star


This illustration and many others makes me mourn over the lack of an art book for this game. Following the death of her parents, Sorano Fuu resolves to be an “Angel” to atone for their sins of being dealers of a substance called “stars”. She works alongside other Angels to pursue cases related to the stars, while finding out more about their pasts as they get to know each other.

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