[Game review] KLAP!! ~ Kind Love And Punish ~


Yamashiro Koyomi has always aspired to be a teacher since young, but she can’t seem to successfully land a job as one, facing countless rejections day by day. When she finally gets that coveted acceptance letter, she finds herself in a training academy for fledgling youkai known as “UMA”, a place that aims to educate said UMA so they may be deemed fit to live in the human world. It turns out that she’s been accepted as a trainer for the UMA rather than a teacher, and when Koyomi is about to protest the terms of her employment, the principal proposes an offer – if she can perform well enough in the job for a year, he will recommend her to other schools for her desired position. With that, Koyomi makes the decision to tough it out for her dream, and thus begins her not-quite-envisioned role…

Koyomi’s very real job hunting woes aside, this is the game where you can whip guys to get their youkai powers under control in the guise of training. Whack them in the face or wherever you please, it doesn’t matter! There is plot, but there is also Plot, if you get what I mean. It seemed somewhat remiss of me to not mention this very Core and Integral part of the game.

Was the last time I posted my thoughts about an otome game in May…? Wow, time sure passes fast. Well, there’s no time like the present! Here’s to the first post of 2020!

I also wrote about the game’s art books here.

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[Liveblog diary] Binary Star


I had this in my drafts for a while and I figure I might as well kick it out. Yun’s fault and “they seem like very good friends”, the game. I surprisingly had a lot to say about Binary Star as I was playing it…the days of when I was full of energy and still into looking up words in the dictionary for every term I was unsure of. Fun fact: did you know that through Binary Star, you can learn a very specific Japanese term that describes the act of sneaking into a woman’s room at night? (No thanks to Yun, of course.)

I want to finish up my write-ups for other games, but I’m having more fun going through my old liveblogs at the moment, so out this goes. February 18, 2018. …Wow, I played this game over a year ago and wrote about it soon after…time sure files. For the more polished version of this post, head here. Other fun fact: I wrote this as part of this post several months ago, and it still applies…looks at how I’ve put off writing about Geten no Hana’s Yumeakari instalment for a whole year…

Spoilers are not whited out, so take caution.

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[Game review] 7’scarlet


Hanamaki Ichiko’s older brother has mysteriously disappeared since a year ago, and she goes about her daily life waiting for updates on the incident until her childhood friend, Kagutsuchi Hino, suggests that they visit the very place where her brother went missing in to find out the truth for themselves. Ichiko is hesitant to accept his invitation at first, but after thinking it over, she agrees. Thus commences their journey to Okunezato, where they meet up with some new friends and learn about the secrets the town is hiding.

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[Game review/walkthrough] Yotsumegami / Yotsume God


In the middle of a family visit, a pair of masked children appear before Sahara Mai and beseech her to help their mother in pain. She follows them, only to soon find herself at a shrine deep within the mountains that she is not at all familiar with. Imigo, a resident of the shrine, is less than pleased to see Mai at his dwelling and sends her off, but some mysterious power seems to be keen on keeping her there. Only then does Imigo agree to help Mai find a way to leave the shrine safely, and thus begins their journey, with Mai taking a step towards discovering the truth behind her past.

I actually had this post in progress for quite some time and then SURPRISE SEEC RELEASED YOTSUMEGAMI IN ENGLISH. It feels surreal to call it Yotsume God now. IT REALLY HAPPENED…clenches fist and sheds a single tear as I add English to the list of available languages…thank you, SEEC, for giving me a reason to play through the game again. I also wrote up a guide / walkthrough on the second page of this post, if anyone needs it!

Guide / Walkthrough

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[Liveblog diary] Cendrillon Palika


Here’s my thoughts on Cendrillon Palika, except in the raw unfiltered orange juice version compared to the more polished one I wrote up. Yeah, I wrote a nearly 41,000 word post for this. You are truly capable of doing anything your heart desires.

December 6, 2018. Main features: copious amounts of yelling, “WHAT THE HELL”, “I LOVE HAILI?”. Not featured: the amount of times I kept tripping over my typing as I was liveblogging the game along with some choice words that were excised to keep this family-friendly. More Opinions (TM), and musing on the series along with general meta.

Spoilers are not whited out, so take caution.

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[Game review] ROOT REXX


Mochizuki Kazune gets really into a boy band known as REXX with one single to its name that disappears into the void after said single’s release, announcing an indefinite disbandment despite the band’s apparent popularity. Life goes on and she transfers into a school soon after, where she finds out that members of said band are currently enrolled in it as well through a series of Complete Coincidences. Thus begins Kazune’s quest to hopefully revive the band as she navigates her own school life.

Wow, I actually managed to finish this game before a year passed me by! It’s a February miracle!

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[Game review/walkthrough] Tasokare Hotel


A girl finds herself in the middle of nowhere, but manages to stumble upon a hotel after wandering around. As it turns out, the hotel hosts spirits that are lost between the world of life and death, unaware of what their current situation is in reality. After discovering her identity, Tsukahara Neko decides to work at the hotel to pass time until she regains her memories and can go to her supposed “destination”, helping other guests find out the circumstances behind their “deaths”.

It’s a wild not otome game thoughts post! Surprise! I also wrote up a guide/walkthrough for the game you can refer to on the second page of this post.

Guide / Walkthrough

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[Game review] Cendrillon Palika


A fairy tale that starts with “once upon a time”, as all fairy tales do. Haili Lalique has lived her entire life, or at least nineteen years of it, in a cursed city known as Tokyo that confines its residents unless they wear glass on their person when leaving and make sure to return before midnight, lest they turn into glass themselves and die. Well, at least up to now! After a suspicious wizard called Kashika breaks into Haili’s room and presents to her a pair of glass shoes, her ticket to see the outside world that she’s always longed for, she sets off on her grand adventure to explore and unravel the curse, along with finding out what secrets lie behind it.

Who loves classic fairy tale retellings, because I do! For the more unfiltered version of this post, please head on over here. For a general introduction to the game and what it is about, click here for translations of the pre-release material.

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[Game review] Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu – Setsugekka Koi Emaki –


Ninjas and history all in one convenient package! After an incident as a kid that left both of her parents dead, Katagiri Kaede aspires to be a ninja with the power to protect others. Following a series of events, she is invited to enroll into a prestigious ninja academy and is all ready for her first day of school, except that things don’t always go as planned and she ends up setting off a technique that charms a bunch of guys by accident in the process.

I could write a longer summary, or I could just say that the main plot is to listen to sweet nothings to beef up resistance against getting flustered around boys, because it is. There is plot, but there is also Plot, if you get what I mean.

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[Liveblog diary] Hakuouki

My very first formal experience with otome games was with Hakuouki (on the 3DS), if I conveniently forget that I played Hatoful Boyfriend first, so I went to revisit my liveblog to see what my thoughts were on one of the games in the genre back then. April 14, 2015. This is also for me to have a digest of my initial thoughts regarding the series so I can refer to it easily when playing Kyoto Winds/Edo Blossoms without having to backtrack three years on my social feed.

Featuring a lot of WHAT AM I DOING, interspersed with commentary from some other friends, and some reflecting on how my thoughts on otome games have changed over the years at the end. Spoilers are not whited out, so tread with caution.

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