[Diary] January 2020


It’s a new year! Here’s my top contender for “most heterosexual thing I’ve drawn for 2020” as of current. A list of what I did for the month, or at least up to now:

  • Played a bunch of games (Night of the Full Moon, (P)lanets – the life of normalcy has ended!, KLAP!! ~ Kind Love And Punish ~ – Fun Party, Candied Carols, Seeds of Love, Dreaming Mary)
  • Checked out Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2
  • Watched some things (A3, Bee and Puppycat, Flip Flappers)
  • Went ham buying things
  • Made things I wanted to make

  • Played a bunch of games (Night of the Full Moon, (P)lanets – the life of normalcy has ended!, KLAP!! ~ Kind Love And Punish ~ – Fun Party, Candied Carols, Seeds of Love)

Night of the Full Moon: There was a recent update that added a new class (Soul Hunter) to the game. I still absolutely suck at playing it, but I’ll get the hang of it as I try it out more, probably…I keep mutual killing both the enemy and myself when using HP skills.

(P)lanets – the life of normalcy has ended!: It’s about a girl who spontaneously gains powers of telepathy and is brought to a school that specialises in training psychics. I played quite a bit of it before I stopped…the game has some weird tone shifts and I think the music choices play a part in that as well. I’m interested to know about the little mysteries it has scattered about (it made me look past the small text box I really dislike), but at the same time, I don’t feel strongly enough to pursue it? The very Japanese terms like “arara” peppering the dialogue also take me out of it whenever I read. I’m not sure if I’ll get back to it, but I don’t find myself caring much at the time being.

KLAP!! ~ Kind Love And Punish ~ – Fun Party: KLAP’s fandisc of shenanigans. I think that playing this fandisc cemented to me that I cannot get into school settings. (On the bright side, it at least didn’t make me fall asleep like ROOT REXX did.) KLAP was pretty much a glorified school otome game but it had enough added quirks that kept me engaged and also the ridiculous developments where you have to whip the guys that helped space out the more “normal” segments. I could not stop zoning out in the if story where it’s the youkai in a human school but because they have to keep their identities concealed, a lot of what happens feels much more mundane? The interactions felt somewhat weaker to me as well, probably because of the shift in premise and focus, but it was more enjoyable when it’s everyone going wild despite/outside of school in the latter chapters.

The after stories are fun, at least! (Camil is still a good kid. Thank you. Also, it is unfair that Sosuke’s story was the only one with the whole cast getting together. I want to see friends.) The ending movies where the characters and Koyomi message each other over text is the cutest thing. The M choices and endings are way superior because they usually net you the CG variations where Koyomi is smiling. It is much better seeing the guys get flustered rather than the other way round. It’s also a nice take on how you can choose whether you prefer something that leans more towards sadistic or masochistic and see ending variations based on that at no consequence. (Well, barring the CG variations.)

The whipping mini game is still a great stress reliever. You can now poke the guys with oden and cucumbers. Honestly, there is a lot I want to say, but I’m feeling lazy writing a polished post about it…I’ll see how it goes. KLAP has moments where I’m mixed about it, but one thing I appreciate about the writing is cherishing the present. Also, that single moment in Sosuke’s after story where he’s pinning Koyomi to the bed going “someone isn’t being honest huh” and Koyomi replying with “well I come second only to you”? Peak banter. Seriously, the writers went so hard on Sosuke’s story. I could not get enough of Koyomi teasing Sosuke. Good stuff.

It’s weird, because even if there were parts about KLAP overall I couldn’t get into or feel much for, I still come away from the series thinking “wow, KLAP is a good game”. There’s just something that feels very wholehearted about it to me? There’s times when I go “wow, I sure am not straight enough for this”, but that’s a testament to KLAP doing its job as an otome game. I sincerely thank everyone who was involved in it. Thank you. I love you.

Candied Carols: A game (still in development) from the creators that brought you Dead Wishes. (Speaking of which, I still haven’t replayed that on Steam. I can’t believe it’s been a year.) It’s about someone on the cusp of adulthood who gets brought to a magical land, and has to make a decision between it and their own world. I really like the music! I think that wanting to hear more of it helped me with progressing along the game. I only did Jack’s route (or what there is of it or far), but it’s interesting enough. I’ll likely get the full game whenever it’s out, so I think I’ll hold back on checking out Dietrich’s route for the time being.

Spoilers for Jack’s route: I’m honestly not too sure what to make out of Jack, in that while I understand how his character came about and why he would regard Clara almost like his god, it still feels…kind of weird? I couldn’t think of their reunion in the human world as heartwarming at all LOL. It felt more to me like Clara was accommodating Jack’s feelings rather than them feeling the same way about him throughout…the “to be continued” at the end mitigates my feelings on this somewhat, but I’m unsure where the game wants to take it. Anyway, I like how the main cast hangs out together (or as much as they do before the interactions get more focused between designated couples). Friends are good. Some of the story beats feel a bit of an afterthought with how they’re brought up and sort of glossed over, but it’ll probably be expanded on in the full game?

Seeds of Love: It’s about a girl who takes up farming at her grandmother’s for a change of pace. It’s cute! I like how the rhythm game is something that helps Maria get into…rhythm when it comes to her day-to-day chores and conversations. My main complaint is that the rhythm game can sometimes feel too long when the music loops, though I do like the tracks used. You can’t pause or skip the rhythm game (there are 4 instances of it) and there is no save function, so it’s a game you have to play in one go. If you have thirty minutes to spare, it’s a fun thing to check out.

Dreaming Mary: I technically watched a Let’s Play, but moving on. It’s about a girl exploring a dream. I really like the aesthetics of the game! It’s so pink and pretty. The style carries very strongly all the way across the interface and the endings…it’s very nice to look at. (Seeing the default ending loop so many times was tiring, though.) I like the subtle horror added with “Press SHIFT to run. You should always run.” There are underlying themes of assault and some disturbing imagery, so take note of that if you want to check it out.

  • Checked out Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2

I finally felt like picking up where I left off, and I ended up finishing case 2. Spoilers: I like how Viridian realises that she has power over what Petenshy is after, and is very resolute about not letting him get what he wants. I still can’t warm up to Barok…his arguments sound really senseless to me most of the time. (I’m still not over “there was no way he would take the long way round when he could jump over a 2 metre hole” in the first game. AND RISK POSSIBLY FALLING INSIDE?)  I fell asleep watching case 3, but hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up again and actually finish the series…

  • Watched some things (A3, Bee and Puppycat, Flip Flappers)

A3!: The animation can be a little awkward at times, but I like how it adapted the story and added its own spin to some of the events. I ALSO LOVE HOW THEY BOLSTERED IZUMI’S BACKSTORY MORE AND EVEN SHOWED ME HER FLASHBACKS. THANK YOU. On a somewhat related note, I managed to crawl to the top 2% for The Search For Sardines event. Thank you, phone timers. I am now relieving the timer life now that Citron’s event is on…please let me rest and go back to daily practice grinding…

Bee and Puppycat: I checked out…one episode of it, I think? The visuals are lovely and I like its ideas, but I find the voice acting and story flow rather awkward. I will say that the cicada wriggling about going I WANT ONE MILLION BABIES made me laugh, but other than that, I doubt I’ll come back to it unless I really have nothing else to check out.

Flip Flappers: This has been on my backlog for a while, so I decided to finally get to it. It’s such a treat to look at! The visuals are so striking and I love how it uses colours. I’m only midway through the second episode, but I am interested in knowing more about the world and how things will develop. There’s a very fairytale-esque feel to the show that I dig a lot as well.

  • Went ham buying things

I think I received at least 3 packages this month? Wack. A brief overview:


Tasokare Hotel: I got the drama CD that documents the play reading from last year. It covers chapter 3 of the game where Osoto first appears in the hotel. I like how the dialogue was adapted so everything flows a lot more smoothly…it’s such a delight to hear Neko. Momokawa Rika is absolutely perfect as her voice. Sakai Koudai is so soft and gentle as Atori. (Fun fact: Sakai Koudai and Shirai Yuusuke are Atori and Osoto respectively, and they’re both also in A3! as Sakuya and Masumi.)

Hearing how crude Neko is is great. (“Oh, Menow might be in trouble! She has a model’s body, and above all that…big boobs!”) I love how rude she is. There’s this part where Osoto is struggling to lift up a steel plate and Neko’s just watching him, and Osoto’s like hey stop standing there and looking like you’re enjoying this come over and help me. It sure adds a lot to the investigations in the game where you’re just poking around by yourself as Neko. I can’t wait for the second play reading…it looks like it’ll be based off chapter 7 and 8 going by the main visual? Fingers crossed that they’ll release a drama CD for it too.

KLAP: I gave my game to a friend, so I bought another copy, this time the limited edition. (Highlight: “I haven’t progressed much with it since I can’t exactly bring this to work or church” because I introduced it to her via the ridiculous whipping game by whacking the guy’s crotch.) The limited edition booklet is very disappointing, though. THERE’S BARELY ANY EXCLUSIVE CONTENT IN IT. WHY BOTHER. The one good thing is that there is a picture of everyone SK drew at the end rocking out to karaoke, so my heart was healed and I was able to move on.

I got a bunch of the drama CDs. The KLAP staff sure are wild. I hate how they wrote the script for Toma and Shion stuffing a chicken by adding lines like “this might be too big to put in” followed by “use your fingers to widen the gap, then”. (You do not find out that they are stuffing a chicken until 3 tracks later.) A lot of KLAP’s drama CDs are directed more towards the listener than the guys doing whatever, and while I appreciate that Koyomi is involved in the shenanigans, I think that her not having a voice probably doesn’t get me feeling much for the whole thing? I want to hear banter…I’m just not a situation CD person, I guess. I am glad that most of the CDs make it clear that Koyomi is the one that lays down the law, though. Good.


On another note, I got these stands. They’re so tiny compared to all my other acrylic stands…super cute. I AM SO ANNOYED THAT KOYOMI ISN’T IN ANY OF THE KLAP ACRYLIC STANDS LINEUP. WHY DO YOU DENY ME. Also, the best thing about acrylic stands is that I have an instant reference for drawing right at my fingertips without having to look it up online.


Other things: This Beniyuri keychain is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I am in love with the cute floral textures and the colours…just seeing this picture makes me smile.

  • Made things I wanted to make


My first digital art of 2020. Rivalry is fun. I had some other compositions in mind when drawing this, but I like how it turned out.


Getting out my energy for KLAP with some Koyomi doodles (with a couple of the guys). I’m glad that the game made her a seal lover.


Oh, yeah, and this too, I guess. Koyomi and Camil are so comfortable around each other. They’re like the personification of the “fuwafuwa” onomatopoeia. I love that. Thank you, KLAP.

I was introduced to this very important quote, “whatever you’re making, it should be sincere enough that it’s at least a little cringey”. It’s very inspirational. Live your best life. I wrote and mailed out 6 letters this month. Go me. I am very excited for Cendrillon Palika being announced for Otomate Party 2020. I am praying that there will not be event-exclusive merchandise released so I don’t have to suffer keeping an eye out for them on secondhand sites.

In other news, a merchandise update:

My awful consumerism on full display. I finally put up the KLAP tapestry and it pleases me. I want more fun art like that. It’s also why I’m really fond of the Kyoukai no Shirayuki tapestry even though it’s just everyone posing stylistically, heh. Thank you, Kinako. I’m glad I managed to clinch a Futaba keychain…all I need now is Koyomi and I can complete my protagonist board…

January is a bit of a weird time for me where I feel like I am going wild but at the same time I’m like…who am I…what am I doing…I listened to the Tasokare Hotel drama CD and I feel like it at least helped to clear my head some. I placed an order for some Tomihiko Morimi novels, so I’ll have those to look forward to…I hope everyone’s been well, and here’s to February!

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