[Diary] October 2019


BANGING POTS AND PANS, IT’S BEEN A YEAR SINCE CENDRILLON PALIKA WAS RELEASED TO THE WORLD. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled blogging! A list of what I did for the month, or at least up to now:

  • Played a bunch of games (A3!, Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
  • Read a whole bunch of fics and books
  • Made things I wanted to make
  • Watched Inazuma Eleven: Ares no Tenbin
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika

Somehow, it felt like I hadn’t done all that much in the month, but I think I’ve just fallen out of the habit of logging my daily stuff…I do take a lot of photos instead that I refer to nowadays.

  • Played a bunch of games (A3!, Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

A3!: After my one-day stint with the Japanese version a year or two back, I pretty much kept up with the series only by reading translations put up online. Now that the official English version is out, I’m back at it again! The localisation adds a lot of flavour to the text, which makes it much more fun to read. I’ve finally unlocked the whole of the main story, so I’m just casually grinding my days away…I’m thankful A3 only needs me to tap a few buttons and I can leave it be as I multitask other things. I cannot afford to go feral on mobage. Not again…I’m not strong enough…

It made me go through the volumes of the manga that I had, and damn, Muneyama Yoshimi’s style is still incredibly fun and lively. I should cover those when I make another art book post. Manga might as well count as an art book since it is a book of art, after all.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 150 hours later, I am still on Black Eagles. Also, because the game wants me to suffer, it made me grind the Mercedes-Alois support again and I have to keep a lookout for Seteth-Ingrid’s A+ support in another route not that. For some reason, the Mercedes-Alois A support is locked out in Crimson Flower, and the Seteth-Ingrid A+ support is locked out in Silver Snow. WHY. STOP MAKING ME DO MAPS OVER AND OVER AGAIN JUST FOR THEM.


I figured I might as well check it out after seeing its opening. Like, damn, look at this. I couldn’t stop looping it for a while when I first saw it.

It’s an interesting read! I love how expressive the mangaka makes the animals look. The relationships and drama are all very messy and tangled, but there’s something that feels very…normal? Human about it all? Everyone’s just doing what they do to get by and fulfill themselves. It’s quite insightful in a lot of ways! This is also the same series with the quote “your fetishes are what make you who you are”.

  • Read a whole bunch of fics and books

I rediscovered one of my old loves: reading fanfiction. I think it’s been a while that I liked something enough to look out for fanfiction…I also happened to stumble on some Japanese ones. They are all very good. Longing sigh. Thank you to all the fan creators out there who have the courage and all the love to share what they create with the world. It also made me write something after almost a year of not doing so…I feel refreshed.

I checked out some library books, and I managed to get my hands on a literary analysis of fairytales written by Charles Perrault. It talks about how throughout the years, fairytales have become a lot less individualistic from when they were first written to transform into sort of a “universal” thing, losing a lot of its original context and details along the way. How some fairytales have been adapted by Disney to a worldwide audience has also played a part. I’m still in the process of reading it, but one interesting thing I liked so far was the author reframing Cinderella as a tale of someone trying to regain their social standing. Fairytale heroines were actually quite rare for their time, so they were seen as “breaking the mold”. It’s pretty interesting to see this whole new perspective!

  • Made things I wanted to make


Black Eagles are all my kids. I think it’s probably because I’ve been playing that route for over 150 hours to farm my exclusive supports and all LOL. They’re all so chaotic…I love them.


I felt like working a little more on the Byleth and Linhardt picture, and I liked how this turned out. I just want everyone to chill out with cats. Three Houses has a lot of fun general interactions I like thanks to the support system, so I want to draw more of everyone being friends…it’s also nice practice rather than me repeatedly drawing the same characters.


My obligatory monthly drawing for Cendrillon Palika. I think I drew this around the first week of October…it was fun. I am very pleased with how I got the colours and lineart to work together, even if it was painful going over it with my blending brush repeatedly. I am the strong. Hell yeah. Ribbon compositions are easy to work with. I particularly like how I did the colours on Haili’s clothes and the surrounding roses, though I think she might’ve ended up looking too pink. They are the official colours, but I don’t think I can pull off the contrast well…that’s why I usually end up colouring her waist ribbons as red or purple.

  • Watched Inazuma Eleven: Ares no Tenbin

I’ve been watching this bit by bit with a friend over a bunch of weeks, and it’s…interesting. I’ve watched all the previous Inazuma Elevens, and they were all a good time (the games were what made me get a Japanese 3DS), but I’m not quite sure what I feel about this one. I think this season is a little bit too hung up on all the old character cameos that it keeps continuously shafting the new, and may I also add, THE MAIN CHARACTERS. Please pray for and support Inamori Asuto. I will personally fight you, Hino. The music is very good, so it’s nice to listen to whenever my friend and I zoning out on the next match that focuses on the old characters that the new characters are spectating. Please send Kidou and Gouenji back to their senior homes.

  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika

Business as usual. The game celebrated its first year anniversary last month (October 25), and it put out a bunch of Twitter icons and a brief comment from Suzushiro Karin (the game’s illustrator) to celebrate. …Seriously, what happened to Koide Yuuri as the director of the project. Did something happen. Something curious: Sasaki Maro, the game’s writer, mentions that they’re not actually an Otomate employee, so I’m guessing they were outsourced to write for the game…? Koide Yuuri does seem to be more particular about who they pick for their projects, since they had Tom and Kinako work on Kyoukai no Shirayuki (who also appear to be from outside Otomate).

For Cendrillon Palika, a pre-release interview (March 2018 B’s-LOG) had Koide Yuuri mention that they reached out to yomochi on Twitter because they thought their background work was lovely, and they picked Suzushiro Karin for the art because they thought her art would be a perfect fit for beautiful visuals and breathe life into it. Koide Yuuri explicitly referred to Suzushiro Karin as a her, using “kanojo”. Something I thought was a little odd was how they referred to everyone else with their name and the -sama honorific, but they didn’t use that ambiguity for Suzushiro Karin. In regards to Sasaki Maro, Koide Yuuri had worked with them on something else previously and thought to ask for them again when they had the chance to. I really wonder what went behind the scenes as the game was in production.

Anyway, I think news on the series will probably trickle to a halt soon since it’s been a year it was out, so any buzz about it will probably die down soon, I guess. I’ve also been tracking news for the game a lot less now…the time for me to mellow out on it is almost here…looks to distance. GIVE ME MY ART BOOK AND SOUNDTRACK ALREADY, OTOMATE.

Something cute: fans are organising an anthology for the game! I’m looking forward to it.

I am feeling apathy eating away at my soul, and that is not a good thing. I need to find things to sustain my interest…I worked on making a little carousel yesterday and drilled holes into the cone with all the dust flying around without having a mask on. It’s very cute. I’m pleased with myself. I’m lazy to transfer photos to my computer now, so I guess I’ll leave that for my next diary entry when it’s totally complete.

I feel my interest in typing these dying down and that is really, really not a good thing, because I feel like I would lapse into not wanting to do anything if I don’t make myself do something. Urk. I’m not sure why it feels like I’ve been zoning out a lot more nowadays…I need to focus on doing things to keep me busy. Come to think of it, I did try this really good mascarpone pudding. Slightly expensive, but it was nice. Other things I tried:

  • Tomato and cheese ramen: It was alright. I feel like I should’ve taken the one without the chicken bits because the chicken, quite frankly, tasted awful. I think I might want to eat the more traditional ones if I feel like ramen again.
  • Cream puff: Had the skin of mochi and looked a bit like a deflated football. It was…not bad, I’d say. The cream was really fluffy as well, but not really something I’m dying to try again.
  • Prosciutto and salmon pizza: It was a very huge pizza. It was…okay. You know how food tastes good when you eat just enough to savour it, but it becomes kind of disgusting when you eat too much? That’s how I feel with it. It wasn’t bad, but there was so much of it. Oh my god. It took me an hour to finish eating this pizza. Wish I could’ve thrown a spontaneous pizza party with it.
  • Some sugar-sand building kit: This was fun to play with. I tasted a few grains of the sugar-sand-ramune thing and it was disgustingly sweet. I sadly washed it down the sink after I had my mini beach experience.

Alright, I feel a bit more at peace now revisiting what things I have done. I hope everyone’s been able to keep themselves busy and in a good state of mind, and here’s to November!

2 thoughts on “[Diary] October 2019

  1. aheadofthenight

    I don’t get that a lot but yeah, that feeling of something becoming gross when you have too much of it xD
    On the other hand, I read about 6 full-length novels (historical romance) last month. Woah www I hope more sunshine comes your way, Kaede ♥♥ (hugs)


    1. Yeah, I feel like there’s this…balance you need to achieve when eating, like how eating just enough of it is like wow…I want more…but you don’t actually eat more LOL. YOU’RE SO POWERFUL I feel like it takes me ages to read books nowadays. Do you have any recommendations? HUGS BACK thank you and same to you, Amaya! ♥


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