Uyrh no Shohousen – An introduction


“To you, tired of the real world…”

By some curious happenstance, you find yourself in a world where robots make games! Sweet! Unfortunately, you’re also stuck in said world, but you’ll be able to get out on one condition – that is, by making and completing a new otome game! There’s no cause for worry – in your predicament, three handsome “creators” conveniently pop up to lend you a hand in your task. With their aid, make an exciting and heart-throbbing otome game!

…or at least that’s how the story goes, anyway! From the creators that brought you Alice’s Spiritual Judge, Yotsume God, The Prison Boys, Tasokare Hotel, and Tsumugu Logic, SEEC now brings you Uyrh no Shohousen, the sixth of their escape adventure novel series! Previous games were largely written and illustrated by Ishikura, but starting from Tasokare Hotel onwards, Benoma Ray took over the writing with Ishikura now focusing largely on the art.

Title: ウーユリーフの処方箋
Genre: Escape adventure novel
Official site: Here

Note that this game has yet to release. I’m mostly writing up this post for myself and for anyone who might be interested in keeping an eye on it before it does!

As of 23rd March 2020, Uyrh no Shohousen is now out for Android and IOS systems! I’ve updated the post with a couple of character profiles, and an outline of the story at the end.

  • Heroine – Name changeable. A girl who dreams of landing a job with an otome game company. In order to return to her original world, she’ll be working with the creators to make an otome game…!?
  • Kyle – A creator. He tends to get caught up in his own pace, but he’s someone full of cheer you can rely on. He calls you “kitten”…could that be indicative of him being somewhat of a womaniser…?
  • Luke – A creator that exudes a calm and gentle air. He occasionally shows a surprisingly manly and courageous side through his actions.
  • Kirio – A creator who gives off a cool and unapproachable aura. He seems to be a nice person, deep down…

The promotion movie for the game.

I hope you enjoyed reading those summaries, because it’s not the actual one for the game! Uyrh no Shohousen was first teased with these visuals and descriptions, which slowly “glitched” out over the release week to transform into this (also reflected at the very end of the first promotion movie):


Quite a change! Let’s do that again:

“To you, tired of the real world…”

The cursed otome game, “Uyrh no Shohousen”, known for targeting particularly handsome men. If a handsome guy installs the game into his smartphone, he will definitely get sucked in. Enter the high school student, Matsuri, someone who sees women as nothing but targets to conquer. He installs the game into his phone without any particular worry since it’s “just a game”, but inevitably also finds himself lost in the world of Uyrh no Shohousen. However, what greeted him was a place unlike that of an otome game.


Matsuri (CV: Oosaka Ryouta) – The protagonist. A narcissist who’s a fervent womaniser. He was dragged into the world of “Uyrh no Shohousen”, a game rumoured to suck in particularly good-looking guys.

  • Kirio (CV: Hatano Wataru) – A young man who was a capture character of “Uyrh no Shohousen”. He’s not only caring, but also kind and sensitive.
  • Nozomi (CV: Abe Atsushi) – A young man lost in the game’s world. He’s always composed, someone who is harsh to both others and himself. A gamer.
  • Kanata (CV: Ogasawara Jin) – A young man lost in the game’s world. He’s a bit of a coward, but he has a habit of putting on a brave front.
  • Mito (CV: Terashima Junta) – A young man lost in the game’s world. He’s usually spaced out and isn’t one for much talking.
  • Naufu (CV: Sakuragi Amisa) – A robot that lives in the world of “Uyrh no Shohousen”. A small being with a loud voice that likes a certain audition program.
  • Uyrh (CV: Sasa Kenta) – A large tree in the world of Uyrh no Shohousen. An existence that provides advice to Matsuri and his gang.
  • Uyrh Town Robots – A colourful cast of robots toiling within the world of Uyrh no Shohousen.
  • Heroine – The heroine of the otome game, “Uyrh no Shohousen”. Currently wandering around Uyrh Town.

The actual promotion movie for the game! Some additional information from the game that hasn’t been put in text: the boys trapped in the game have a way to get out, which is to clear the otome game (presumably Uyrh no Shohousen). However, there is a catch – only one person can clear the game!

The game also posts updates on the official Twitter, if you’d like to keep up with it.

Now that we’re done with the introductions, this is just a space for my own speculations. Going by the official site, there are still some characters that haven’t been introduced, so I’ll probably update this post when they are. As an addendum, if you live in Japan and go to certain events, you can get these cards that will enable you to unlock exclusive information on the site. (Unfortunately, that does not apply to me.)

The most pressing thing out of the way – is this an otome game? The jury’s still out on this one, honestly, but most likely not…? It was initially marketed as an otome game what with the heroine and the capturable guys, but the game that it’s evolved to now is clearly stated as an “adventure escape novel”, which is more of what SEEC usually does. (SEEC has made an otome game before, but it’s not one of their main projects.) It’s still rather hard to tell since the premise is centered on “clearing an otome game”, so will otome games be featured prominently as part of the gameplay or something else? An otome game, or a game about otome games? Only time will tell, I guess.

Since the game still isn’t exactly clear about what “clearing the otome game” entails, that’s the aspect I’m the most interested in. I’m assuming it could mean landing a route with any of the guys and getting a good ending? It makes me kind of amused to picture all the guys furiously tapping away at their smartphones trying to win at the otome game so they can get out of a potentially dangerous world.

I’m also imagining something that centers on the initial heroine of Uyrh no Shohousen…will it end up being about the five guys trying to win her heart so that she will pick them as her endgame route? Who is the true “player” of the game? Will the original capturable characters be featured? So far, Kirio is the only character who is explicitly stated to be part of the game, though he underwent a huge design change (but he kept his robotic horse-esque legs).

Or from a more meta angle, are you the player of the game? (I know you are the player, but you get what I mean.) Will you be the one deciding who gets to escape by picking the route you want to do, which would make this a more traditional otome game…? I think what’s probably throwing off my speculation is the overt references to “otome game”, even though Matsuri is the protagonist. On that note, since Uryh no Shohousen is said to kidnap handsome guys, that would mean that everyone in that universe is considered handsome. Fun fact!

When the game was still keeping up its “otome” image, they also showcased aspects of its supposed user interface. I guess the bigger question would be whether or not it will be featured in the game with you playing Uyrh no Shohousen as Matsuri, or if it was only made for the sole purpose of misleading the audience.

I’m also curious about “a world unlike that of an otome game”. So far, the actual game has a very industrial look to it in terms of the character design and backgrounds. I will say it seems a little presumptuous of the game summary to say that it’s “not like a typical otome game”, as if otome games are only capable of soft and sparkly settings, but I’ll hold my breath on that since there still isn’t much on the game itself.

The whole “there can only be one” premise reminiscent of a survival horror mixed together with the otome game genre seems pretty neat, but until it’s out, it’s really difficult to tell what direction it’ll end up taking. What happens to the guys who are stuck in the game? Are they just gonna be there? Or “transform” into the capturable characters? It’s hard to tell since I’m still unsure about what Kirio’s situation is.

I wonder if the premise of the original game plays into the actual game. Will the boys be tasked to make an otome game as the clear condition? Will the so-called creators pop up to give them aid? Are the boys acting in place of the heroine? Does the quality matter? Is it only a matter of who completes it first? There’s so many possibilities…damn…Matsuri does not sound like a particularly good person, so I want to know how his character will end up coming across. Neko and Tsumugu (from Tasokare Hotel and Tsumugu Logic respectively) had a lot of quirks as protagonists, so it’ll be fun to see what Benoma Ray does with him this time.

In regards to the title of the game, “shohousen” means prescription, so the English title of the game would presumably be “Uyrh’s Prescription”. I’m still really curious about how the title is related to the game itself…most of SEEC’s titles are usually quite straightforward when it comes to deducing the content, but not so much for this one. I guess time will only tell…maybe the mysterious “Uyrh” will appear and the “prescription” thing is either a physical thing or a metaphor.

In any case, the game looks to be shaping up in a pretty interesting manner, so I hope it’ll deliver when it’s finally out! In the meantime, if you haven’t, here are some of SEEC’s other games you can check out:

24th March 2020:

It’s hilarious reading my speculations and I was…sort of right but not exactly. Uyrh no Shohousen is a game about an otome game but more of from the perspective of the “capturable” male characters. Matsuri gets sucked into Uyrh no Shohousen, and learns that in order to escape, he likely has to clear the game.

The win condition is to achieve a happy ending with the heroine, but it’s not quite that simple. It’s more of a situation where the heroine is seeking out guys to “clear”. This ends up with Matsuri joining up with Kirio and his gang as they figure out what to do next.

You can read the game for free with daily tickets (five stages a day), but SEEC has now beefed up the number of paywalls. If you want to reread a chapter you’ve cleared, you can either use tickets, or pay with real, actual money to unlock the function (so there’s no freemium currency you can grind for).

There are certain stages that have CGs and voice acting, but you can only see them if you paid for it. If you add up all the costs together (from stage 2 to 7), it would total around 60 to 90 bucks. You can read them for free without the CGs and voice included, though. The game now has an actual gacha system where you roll for SSRs to get an attached story as well.

I mean, I’m glad SEEC is charging for their games, but the price still feels pretty steep for a mobage. Seriously, SEEC, I will pay you in full for your games, but not in microtransactions. However, the most essential part of the game, that being the story, is free, so I guess you could see any money you spend on it as support for the developers. I’m still reading along the story, so I can’t say much about what I think about it right now, but it does get amusingly meta.

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