[Liveblog diary] Binary Star


I had this in my drafts for a while and I figure I might as well kick it out. Yun’s fault and “they seem like very good friends”, the game. I surprisingly had a lot to say about Binary Star as I was playing it…the days of when I was full of energy and still into looking up words in the dictionary for every term I was unsure of. Fun fact: did you know that through Binary Star, you can learn a very specific Japanese term that describes the act of sneaking into a woman’s room at night? (No thanks to Yun, of course.)

I want to finish up my write-ups for other games, but I’m having more fun going through my old liveblogs at the moment, so out this goes. February 18, 2018. …Wow, I played this game over a year ago and wrote about it soon after…time sure files. For the more polished version of this post, head here. Other fun fact: I wrote this as part of this post several months ago, and it still applies…looks at how I’ve put off writing about Geten no Hana’s Yumeakari instalment for a whole year…

Spoilers are not whited out, so take caution.

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Uyrh no Shohousen – An introduction


“To you, tired of the real world…”

By some curious happenstance, you find yourself in a world where robots make games! Sweet! Unfortunately, you’re also stuck in said world, but you’ll be able to get out on one condition – that is, by making and completing a new otome game! There’s no cause for worry – in your predicament, three handsome “creators” conveniently pop up to lend you a hand in your task. With their aid, make an exciting and heart-throbbing otome game!

…or at least that’s how the story goes, anyway! From the creators that brought you Alice’s Spiritual Judge, Yotsume God, The Prison Boys, Tasokare Hotel, and Tsumugu Logic, SEEC now brings you Uyrh no Shohousen, the sixth of their escape adventure novel series! Previous games were largely written and illustrated by Ishikura, but starting from Tasokare Hotel onwards, Benoma Ray took over the writing with Ishikura now focusing largely on the art.

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[Diary] September 2019


C-c-c-combo breaker! A list of what I did for this month, or at least up to now:

  • Played a bunch of games (Fire Emblem: Three Houses, SWEET CLOWN, Untitled Goose Game)
  • Made things I wanted to make
  • Made a rosette
  • Watched Kamen Rider Zero-One
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika

(looking at my 110 hours on Fire Emblem: Three Houses) Yup, that sure was a productive month. I say that, as if I do not have over 155 hours clocked in for Cendrillon Palika.

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