[Diary] April 2019


Surprise! A list of what I’ve done for the month, or at least up to now:

  • Played a bunch of games (Sort the Court!, Beastmaster and Prince, Tsumugu Logic, The Search for Haru, Lost Smile and Strange Circus, Gravity Rush, Mystic Messenger, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, Autumn’s Journey, Code: Realize: Wintertide Miracles)
  • Caught up with A3
  • Cheked out Dai Gyakuten Saiban
  • Started watching Fresh Pretty Cure
  • Went to Malacca
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika
  • Made things I wanted to make

  • Played a bunch of games (Sort the Court!, Beastmaster and Prince, Tsumugu Logic, The Search for Haru, Lost Smile and Strange Circus, Gravity Rush, Mystic Messenger, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, Autumn’s Journey, Code: Realize: Wintertide Miracles)

Sort the Court!: You’re the one sitting at the top, and it’s your job to decide how things get done! I thought it was quite engaging for a game where all you do is choose between yes and no options. All the varied visitors are fun. I did get tired after a while but I finally reached the end…it was cute, though I doubt it’s something I’ll replay. Watch a kingdom grow or get destroyed by your very hand.

Beastmaster and Prince: I wasn’t really feeling up to continuing RE:VICE[D], so I thought of trying something new with Beastmaster, but eh. I’m still not feeling it. Lotte’s hair looks like a pair of croissants. I guess that at the moment I’m not in the mood to pore over my dictionaries as I play the game so my commercial otome backlog will have to wait. I can hear 1d_laugh_track.mp3 mocking me for going ham on buying all the Vita otomes that will probably get Switch ports by the time I get around to them. Seriously, though, I still can’t get into Taisho X Alice. Alice needs to stop talking before I throttle him myself.

Tsumugu Logic: Yay, I finally finished! I skimmed most of it, but wow, that sure was a time. I tapped my way through all the stages to make sure I got the early clear bonuses…it’s probably time for me to get to reading it properly. It’s free and has quite a lot of volume to it, so if you can read Japanese and have time, it’s a fun thing you can check out. Do take note that the game is rated 16+ for strong violence and language. The game’s prologue will give you a pretty good idea of what’s in store.

The Search for Haru: The mobile game saga. One of SEEC’s non-mainline games. It’s about a girl who wants to seek out a boy she liked in her childhood. Death to visual novel mobages that are essentially clicker games. The Search for Haru is particularly aggravating with its controls where for every student you tap on, there will be a mini animation that plays before the student will drop the “shards” you need for experience, and then only it will register you clicking on the next student. I can’t quite describe it succinctly here, but it basically feels like a waste of time since you can’t speed up the process. Like, it’s cute at first, and then as you go on it’s just…can we move on already.

Anyway, I like how they call this game a “sweet love story” when my first ending essentially amounted to “YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR FRIENDS, EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET YOU, YOUR LIFE SUCKS”. EVEN BETTER WAS WHEN I ENDED OFF THE GAME ON PROBABLY THE “WORST” END. Apparently, my instinct when playing otome games blind will ensure I live a horrible life from start to end. As for the actual content, eh. It’s…fine, I guess? Very standard fare. I guess if you want something “cute”, the game is okay, but the clicker gameplay is blegh. They do have something akin to a gacha that allots random amounts of experience to you, at the very least.

One thing that I did like immensely about the game was the characters commenting on the CGs with an outside perspective. They were great and made me laugh. It’s an extra I wish more games would have…I’ve only ever seen it in the limited edition booklets for Kyoukai no Shirayuki (though it was more of unrelated captions) and Cendrillon Palika. Come on, it’s a great opportunity to insert some fun interactions. I will never forget Haili going “everyone, Ulen is but a puny human who too must shed tears”. (That is my own preferred translation if I ignored character voice LOL. I think it’s still something Haili would say.)

Lost Smile and Strange Circus: The mobile game saga. One of SEEC’s non-mainline games. It’s about a girl who is taken in by supernatural beings. It’s another clicker game with story snippets, but I can forgive that since I think this game makes it work better with how it’s structured unlike The Search for Haru where it just felt like an arbitrary roadblock. (The clicker gameplay is more of the main feature in Strange Circus, while The Search for Haru’s main feature is the story.) I really like the art style. I don’t particularly feel anything towards the story, but the game is very pretty to look at.

Gravity Rush: Picking up from where I left off…holy shit, it was almost a year ago? THE FIRST BOSS MADE ME STOP PLAYING FOR A YEAR? Yeah, guess who’s the idiot who didn’t bother to observe the boss’ attacking patterns and just tried to smash it in while being fired at. I think I’m getting more used to the game’s controls so boss fights aren’t that difficult for me now. I really hate the gyroscopic controls. (I just thought back to Rhythm Thief and that was…………a very not fun game.)

Kat is cute. I have to say, though, that my feelings upon finishing it was like…what? Is that it? DID I SUFFER THROUGH ALL THE BOSS FIGHTS FOR THIS? It’s more or less Kat chilling out with her new life in the city, things happen, and…that’s it? Like, there are a Lot Of Things going on, but they’re never concretely explained? There are some implications of what’s happening in the background, but guess what, you’re gonna have to play the sequel for that! GRAVITY RUSH, WHY. I TRUSTED YOU. I’ll probably still check out a playthrough for Gravity Rush 2 sometime in the future, even if the one thing I hold grudges against games for is not addressing their core story. GIVE ME MY ANSWERS? WHAT DID I PAY FOR? I have too many war flashbacks trying to play this game for what I got in return.

I actually got the art book for this game some time ago though I didn’t look through it in much detail. I got very acquainted with the loading times in the game because of how often I kept falling into the void and dying in boss fights, heh. Times like those are when I remember why I like visual novels a lot. I don’t have to stress out over where to move and how I should land hits on monsters, heh.

Mystic Messenger: After spending how long just to get Ray’s third bad ending, I finally made a move on to do V’s route. I cannot stop laughing because I can tell what the game wants me to pick as the “correct” answers, but honestly, I have to agree with everyone who’s like “V is a liar and a hypocrite”. (The language is a little strong, but you get the idea.) I’m glad I already got the normal and good endings out of the way so I can dunk on V all I want through the options. I freely admit that I love pretentious sun metaphors but V and Rika are not allowed to use any of them after this route, ever. It’s probably a good thing I skim read in Mystic Messenger and don’t think too hard about what’s happening. I’m just left with the last bad ending to collect and soon…I will be free…

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak: The mobile game saga. It’s a side-scrolling platformer where you help a cookie run (haha) to escape his grisly fate of being baked and eaten. (Or at least, that’s the basic premise, you just…pretty much collect cookies normally after that opener.) “EVEN COOKIES HAVE LIVES.” Playing this game reminds me exactly why I cut myself off from mobage grinding. I went absolutely feral back in the days when I was really going at it in I-chu and IDOLiSH7. I think I’ve calmed down a bit after the high of playing it for a couple of days. The game is so cute…the cookie designs are adorable…and their advertisements for discounted packages are very colourful and large LOL. It’s a dangerous game. I’ll be playing for a while and then I see at least thirty minutes to an hour have passed. It’s not a bad way to whittle time away, but you should probably exercise self-control. I feel like I am putting myself to the test every time I start it up. …Maybe I should uninstall it and just enjoy all the cute art, LOL. I’m so blown away with how varied the designs are between all the cookies. LIKE DAMN…COOKIE RUN…YOUR MIND…

Autumn’s Journey: The indie game mood. (And surprisingly, the protagonist’s name is not Autumn.) It’s about a girl who sets off to be a knight with two dragon companions in tow. This is a good game because Auralee wields a sword. I am immediately charmed to a game the moment I get a female protagonist swinging one around. It’s very charming. The character interactions are cute. It’s so full of life. I love it. I’ve yet to finish it, but at the moment, it’s something that feels like I would fondly look back on.

Code: Realize: Wintertide Miracles: The final Code: Realize journey. I’m very close to finishing it. Lots of fun. The game has so much peak banter. I love friends. I have nothing particularly lengthy to write about since it’s mostly fun fanservice. Everyone has a good time, the game. I want to draw so many things.

  • Caught up with A3

I like how A3 kept me questioning whether or not Guy was an android, because with how the story was structured at that point, anything was possible. …Yeah, that’s about it. I guess that maybe one day I should actually start up the game to listen to everyone, but I’m lazy, and I am half-sure I would probably go feral in the first few days of me starting it if I get too into it.

  • Checked out Dai Gyakuten Saiban

I apparently decided “well, might as well finish watching the last two cases I never did” on the fly. I remember that I was not very interested in the first three cases of the game I watched…for some reason, they just felt very middling to me? Like, yeah, stuff happens, but I’m not really feeling it. I did get into the latter two cases more, and I was excited to see how the final case unfolded, but it also feels like the game’s missing a lot of things. There’s a conclusion and all, but no concrete answers given, so anyway, check out the sequel, guys! STOP DOING THAT. AT LEAST ADDRESS THE CORE THINGS YOU BRING UP IN THE GAME.

Anyway, other than how much I wanted to throttle Barok and the questions I have about the ??? depiction of couples in the game, it was alright. I watched the first case of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2, and I was almost immediately charmed by Susato and Haori. Thank you. This is more like it. I hear people mention that DGS2 is a lot more conclusive than the original, so I guess there’s that to look forward to when I feel like catching up with it again.

  • Started watching Fresh Pretty Cure

I wasn’t feeling up to watching Suite, so I went to check this out instead. It was my next pick mostly because I got the second Kamikita Precure art book and there was a very pretty piece of Love and Eas in it. I’m amazed the protagonist’s name is Love. You can’t get more direct than that. It’s alright so far, though I do question the almost obligatory childrearing aspect that seems to pop up quite often (in the form of Chiffon in this installment). I don’t think all the Pretty Cures I’ve watched so far have it, but it is a strong recurring element. I guess it might be to encourage more wanting to be mothers among the young ones as the population ages, but eh. Not something I take particular notice of, but it does feel weird at times when I do.

  • Went to Malacca

The oceanarium I checked out over there was beautiful. Look at this garden eel letting the earth reclaim it. The jellyfishes were so floaty. There were very pretty exhibit areas with insects and shells. I got to watch a horseshoe crab wriggle around. There was also a toy museum I checked out, but it was fairly lackluster. The night market is cool. I want to drink more avocados. I kind of went too wild going through one of the DAISO-esque stores.

  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika

Yup, regular Kaede business on this blog. Otomate seems to finally have wised up and started to release merchandise of Haili together with the cast of dateable dudes (although most of it is blind packs). I have not stopped laughing because for the one (1) merchandise type where you pick the character you want (large acrylic stands), Haili was the first and only one to sell out within literal two hours of the store’s opening on the day they were first released (though still available for mail order). …I am a little curious about how the next characters to sell out were Rindo and Kashika, though. Was the merch produced for all characters in even quantities…I wonder how much profit Otomate can make when they put Haili in blind packs and not individual merchandise. I hope this means I can hope to see her in more merchandise lines if Cendrillon Palika has any new ones coming. She is very obviously popular, unless if her merchandise that sold out was produced in smaller quantities compared to the guys. Who knows with Otomate, though. For all I know they probably mandate what merch lines have what characters.

I kind of went too wild with the blind packs. Blind packs kill me. I can only cross my fingers, hope judgement does not rain down too hard on me, and that I can pull one or a couple of Hailis from whatever I end up getting. The Anime Japan charms were a time. I was highly debating how many of them I wanted to order and then just went for it, and then found out that before one full day had even passed they had all sold out. I am very relieved I ended up sending in my order on time, though I might regret it if I don’t actually get Haili from the lot LOL. I think it’ll be fine, at least. The art for the Anime Japan charms are very pretty. I honestly cannot tell if Cendrillon Palika is popular or not. It was the first series out of the Anime Japan Stellaworth goods to sell out…it is a mystery.mp3. It also managed to rank in the top 5 consumer games for the 2018 DGS awards, but I’m not sure how indicative that is of anything.

I’m glad I can at least get a guaranteed Haili through the large acrylic stands. I was seriously debating if I wanted to get the entire cast, but nah, I’m good. I only want my girls. Cendrillon Palika is a good game for Haili Lalique. I had fun with it, hell yeah. I’m honestly very fond of the game for her, even if the guys can be a mixed bag, heh. I just want her to go about her own merry way as she crowbars her way into everyone’s hearts.

Recent updates: In a shocking turn of events, Rindo is the first pursuable character that the Palika twitter posted the birthday art on the actual day for. …I wonder if the pattern will keep up for Klone in June, heh. I will laugh if Rindo ends up being the outlier as to who gets wished a happy birthday on the day itself. I wonder if there’ll be any updates to the twitter in May…the most I can think of is possible PR for the upcoming Otomate Party.

There was an interview with Suzushiro Karin (Cendrillon Palika’s artist) in regards to the series on Otomate Mobile and I was resigned to probably never being able to read it, but my absolute sweetheart friend shared with me the contents, and I am so thankful. DEVELOPER COMMENTARY…CLENCHES FIST…there was a lot of interesting insight in regards to what they had in mind when drawing for the series. It did seem to be on the short side, though…I wonder if that’s the standard for interviews conducted on that platform. (All of the questions are posted by the user base, so I’m not sure if there are not a lot of people asking questions, or there really only are a lucky few who get chosen.)

I really want to know more about what the game creators have to say in regards to the game, particularly Koide Yuuri and Sasaki Maro (the director and writer respectively). Alternatively: GIVE ME MY ART BOOK WITH ALL THE RELEVANT COMMENTARY ALREADY. I’m starting to think that if an art book is to come out, it might possibly come out after October, so that they can collect all of the characters’ birthday art in it. I’d think that they would at the very least release the soundtrack before then, though. It is a mystery.mp3.

  • Made things I wanted to make


I technically drew this on the last day of March, but whatever, this is my blog and I’ll post what I want. I am very proud of myself for this one. I live to make fun of Kashika. As I typed this, I realised that I forgot to draw the red markings under his eye. Sorry, Kashika. I did not mean you disrespect by that. Even if you deserve to have your ponytail pulled on. I loved colouring this. Damn, I sure can do a good job when I want to.


Aren’t you ever tired of being nice? Don’t you just want to go apeshit? Yeah, that was my strongest thought as I was drawing this. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to supposedly make it look like I was advocating for Ela and Ulen to be cooked to perfection as one of them peacefully sleeps on top of a steak and the other half-sinking and simmering in minestrone, but I already drew it and put no small amount of effort into it, so out into the world it goes. No one else will draw Ela on a steak and Ulen in a stew so I WILL DO IT MYSELF.

On a completely unrelated note, it is…very obvious I lost steam colouring this LOL. I loved working on Haili and Kashika’s, and when I got to Ela I thought that I already had the hang of colouring and went “Yeah! This is going to be great!”, and then proceeded to deflate spectacularly. All the colours just felt like they did not mesh well with the lineart at all. I cut my losses and just stuck to flat colours afterwards. I at least finished it…clenches fist…I am the strong…


HERE COMES A VERY SPECIAL GIRL. I love the scene in (redacted)’s route where Haili pops out of a box going “SURPRISE! IT’S ME”. I actually drew this straight after the food fiasco above. …I apparently only care about putting effort into colouring if the picture involves Haili in any capacity LOL.


HERE COMES A VERY SPECIAL GIRL, PART TWO. My traditional art definitely looks like it has a lot more life next to my digital art LOL. My personal favourite is drawing Haili with all the extremely disgusted faces. I was highly debating if I wanted to include the lesbians on the lower left corner, but then concluded that I am no coward and hell yeah, I’ll include it, no one can stop me. I do want to work on some of these doodles digitally…whenever I feel like it, I guess.


I too want to be buried in a mountain of very soft otters. Ideal.

Bringing to light some of my very old Story of Seasons doodles. More lesbians. More hay mowing. More butterflies. More seaweed. Every time I remember Raeger I remember the purple heart event where I felt like I got hit directly in the face with the sudden blushing sprite. DOWN, BOY. I AM NOT GIVING IN TO YOU.

It doesn’t feel like I drew a lot this month and kind of lost steam, but at least I’m still putting out coloured pieces…I hope I can keep the momentum up.


More DIY kits. They’re extremely fun to make.

…and that’s about it for this month! It doesn’t really feel like anything stood out to me in particular. I will probably get to doing the (checks list) ten DIY miniatures I bought sometime soon. Maybe I should visit the library for the month and check out some new books…touch up some other areas of my room…how about everyone else? I hope April’s been at the very least decent, and may May (heh) find you well.

9 thoughts on “[Diary] April 2019

  1. aheadofthenight

    What an eventful April! I did watch a lot of DC animated films that I might do a round-up post on WordPress, now that I think of it. Malacca is that one place where the food had never suited my tastes, until recently. Would love to go back to sightsee and eat more 😂 If only the room rates aren’t hiked so often (laughs). (Your monthly diary entries are lovely, btw ♥)


    1. I’m hoping I can get more done in May! Ooh, I’ll be looking forward to that if you do! I really want to head down to the cinema sometime to perhaps catch one of them but it always slips my mind. MAYBE WE CAN MEET UP SOMEDAY…I don’t think I tried anything particularly new other than the chicken rice in ball form. It’s a shame we can’t just teleport to our own house and to where we want to go 😝 AND TY AMAYA I always love writing them, it’s nice to have a physical record of things you can look back on. 💕


  2. fruity

    these are always such a ball to read, DGS is a wonderful spin-off and may be the only piece of fiction where i enjoyed sherlock holmes’ role


    1. TY I ALWAYS HAVE A BALL WRITING THEM TOO. That made me laugh because I suddenly remembered how much I wanted to smash Sherlock’s violin on him when he was belting out that creaking, grating BGM. I’ll look forward to how things shape up!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. fruity

            Iris was a splendid character. sometimes i pity her though as she’s stuck with dealing with a total dork HAHAHA i would totally fight Sherlock tbh, with a sword. it’d be a swordfight.


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