[Diary] March 2019


Fight! Fight!

A list of what I’ve done for the month, or at least up to now:

  • Otter
  • Played a bunch of games (Tsumugu Logic, Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors, Locked Heart, one night, hot springs, Appeeling Personality, XOXO Droplets, XOXO Blood Droplets, Butterfly Soup, April Was a Fool, HeartBaked, Cute Demon Crashers!, What’s Your Name?, I.B., Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, Normal Me and Abnormal Friends, 7 years from now, Clock of Atonement, Angel Road, Bluebird of Happiness, Town of Tides, Bear’s Restaurant, 7 days – Decide your story, MazM: Jekyll and Hyde)
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika
  • Made things I wanted to make
  • Cleaned my room

March, also known as the month of me going wild with checking out available visual novels on the Google Play Store.

  • Otter


OTTER. (International shipping included.)

  • Played a bunch of games (Tsumugu Logic, Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors, Locked Heart, one night, hot springs, Appeeling Personality, XOXO Droplets, XOXO Blood Droplets, Butterfly Soup, April Was a Fool, HeartBaked, Cute Demon Crashers!, What’s Your Name?, I.B., Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, Normal Me and Abnormal Friends, 7 years from now, Clock of Atonement, Angel Road, Bluebird of Happiness, Town of Tides, Bear’s Restaurant, 7 days – Decide your story, MazM: Jekyll and Hyde)

Tsumugu Logic: Another one of SEEC’s mobile releases. PRAISE BE, I FINALLY GOT THE DOWNLOAD TO WORK ON MY PHONE. I discovered that I…have a really difficult time making myself commit to reading visual novels in Japanese if I didn’t pay for it. Looks forlornly to the distance. I think it’s also because the game has the early clear bonus system implemented as a carry-over from Tasokare Hotel, so I feel like I’m being rushed to finish the story as soon as I can. I might read it more seriously after I’ve unlocked everything…the prologue sure knows how to capture your interest, though. My new life! New beginnings! CRIMINALS! DROWNING! HELL YEAH.

I’m not sure if the new “My Room” system is more troublesome or an improvement. Tasokare Hotel had finger-tapping workout sessions, and Tsumugu Logic has you wait for either 30 minutes, 2 hours, or 6 hours for things to happen. The main difference is that you can to a degree control how fast you gain experience in Tasokare Hotel, but Tsumugu Logic forces you to wait between certain time intervals. I guess I’ll find out how I feel about it when I go deeper and the experience thresholds inevitably get exponentially higher. I wrote this at the start of this month when I was first trying out the game, and I think I like it better than Tasokare Hotel. Much easier to rack up points without tiring my fingers. Out of sight, out of mind. I like the collection aspect of it, though I’m probably going to shake my fist at RNG if I can’t get everything in a matter of time.

SEEC came up with a creative way to stall on giving free tickets for reading chapters. Instead of tickets, the game now uses jewels, and 10 jewels will allow you to read one chapter. Do you see where I’m going with this? The game every now and then gives you 1 jewel as a bonus, so you can now get 1/10 of a ticket needed to read a story! SEEC, I beg of you. I will literally pay for your games, but not in microtransactions. IF YOU GIVE ME AN OPTION TO EARN THINGS FOR FREE EVEN IN THE MOST PAINSTAKING WAY POSSIBLE YOU BET I’M DOING THAT. I guess jewels ultimately don’t matter since you can read the story normally every day even if you skip out on the early clear bonuses, but now I’m determined to wait it out since I’m not really reading the game seriously at the moment. The game’s actually fairly generous with giving free jewels out.

It is pretty nice that they did more of less standardise the currency through jewels – you can use it for either reading new stages, or using it to speed up the time Tsumugu takes to return from his outings. I have so many bells and tickets from Tasokare Hotel’s login/advertisement bonuses that I have no use for now…

Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors: I went to check out a couple of the mobile visual novels in the market other than the ones from SEEC. It’s about three friends investigating scary rumours on their school forum and getting to the bottom of things. It’s alright. I do like that the choices feel like they have weight to them when there are points I’m thinking, uh…trust my gut instinct or go with the flow…though that probably doesn’t carry over well after I pick the wrong choice and I can just redo the scenario no problem, heh.

It didn’t particularly resonate with me, but I think it’s interesting enough to check out. (It’s free!) The main trio is fun. I liked how the final chapter integrated one of the key aspects of the game into something you actually have to do.

Locked Heart: The indie game mood. It’s about a girl who finds herself in a house of humans-turned-toys and is stuck there until she can figure out how to lift their curse. Aura is cute. The game is very cute. Some of the writing doesn’t sit quite right with me, particularly in the endings where Aura decides that she was “chasing a false dream all along” in regards to wanting to be a chef and that what she really wanted was “a family to be with”. IT’S…IT’S NOT LIKE YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH? WHY THIS ARBITRARY BINARY? I get that people do change goals as they go along, but I don’t really think there was a need to put down what Aura’s original aim was…it bugs me especially since the writing felt so weirdly forceful about it.

One of the characters’ endings made me laugh in that Aura is all set and ready to leave, and then the guy pops up, going “B-BUT HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THAT I LOVE YOU?” and Aura’s all “SHIT, YOU’RE RIGHT, GUESS I’M HERE TO STAY”. It’s cute enough that it motivated me to play to the end, but mmmmm, I don’t quite like how the endings shaped up. Some of the music looped weirdly. I liked how the title screen would change when you cleared both endings for the characters.

one night, hot springs: Girls hang out together at the hot springs. It’s a cute game and a fun experience. The visuals are cute. I like how the game exudes a very warm atmosphere having played through the whole thing. There’s something nice about it simply exploring a day out from someone’s perspective.

Appeeling Personality: I distinctly remember how I came across this game but I didn’t check it out till now. I have no idea how long it’s been. The concept is fun (you can even eat the rules), but there doesn’t seem to be many bananas the game cycles around and I still have no idea how many bananas you hypothetically have to eat to win the competition (if you can…?). The whole point of the game is to either date a banana or eat them. The novelty wears off after a while when you’ve met all the potential banana candidates, but it’s interesting as a short game.

XOXO Droplets: I chuckled at how the protagonist was so into the concept of bagging themselves a boyfriend but otherwise, I couldn’t really get through it. I didn’t find myself getting very engaged as I went along.

XOXO Blood Droplets: Now with 100% more murder! It was fun to poke around for a bit compared to the original version (probably because of the murder antics), but unfortunately, it didn’t really engage me as well.

Butterfly Soup: It’s about four girls and their journey of growth. I almost thought with how the game started that you had to gacha a different protagonist for each playthrough. (You don’t, it’s just a visual effect.) I enjoyed it thoroughly. YOU CAN PET THE DOG. The character interactions are super fun! “The human to my centipede…” “I don’t like that comparison!!!” It was a good time. MY YURIS……

April Was a Fool: It’s about a girl who finds herself tagging along a party of heroes for some quick cash to serve as a replacement for their party member. Another game that I distinctly remember how I came across but only got to it now. I need to check my original download and see when I got it…I had fun. Hell yeah for group interactions. I like that May considers violent solutions and acts on them. “Is he considering punching his face in, because I am.” DO IT, I’M BEHIND YOU.

I got good endings for the first two routes I played so seeing how a bad ending would turn out after them was surreal. WOW, YOU SURE MESSED UP BY NOT GETTING ENOUGH LOVE IN. The first two routes I played also had very similiar “correct” choices so it fooled me into thinking that all of the characters would respond positively to the same choice LOL. Amusingly enough, the bad ending I ended the game off on did have a pretty neat callback to the game’s title. I love all the poking of the RPG tropes. “Not to mention that fights on boats are annoying. There’s always a legendary sea monster that pops out and wrecks stuff.”

HeartBaked: Finishing up where I left off. It’s about a chef who wants to snag herself a date to get the ultimate ingredient of LOVE for the ultimate pastry. I didn’t find myself getting very invested, and I still have complaints about the UI (PLEASE…LET ME TOGGLE TEXT SPEED…AND HAVE AN ON-SCREEN OPTION FOR THE SKIP BUTTON), but it’s definitely a labour of love and I appreciated all the effort that went into the pastry-related phrases. “Prepare to meet your baker.”

Cute Demon Crashers!: It’s about a girl who wants to have a sexual experience. VERY CUTE AND COSY. Everyone has a good time, the game. I love it. Also good for group interactions. I was half-dying trying to fish for all the CG variations, but man, it really speaks to the effort of the team to make sure to account for all the possible ways someone could have proceeded through the sexual scenes. Mutual consent and intimacy! Hell yeah!!!

What’s Your Name?: Finishing up where I left off. It’s a game about a matchmaking system between humans and supernatural creatures. True to form, I managed to survive to the very end of the Mermaid’s route right up to the final choice where I magnificently stumbled upon the worst ending. Again. I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENS. HOW IS IT THAT I CAN SURVIVE EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE LAST CHOICE. WHY IS MY SURVIVAL INSTINCT LIKE THIS. The game does a good job with the unsettling atmosphere.

I.B.: It’s about a boy who wants to create an A.I for ease of communication. I like the concept the game has with “your future is already decided” in regards to the choices, but otherwise…it’s cool, I guess? Entabridge’s stories are interesting to read through, but they don’t leave very strong impressions on me. I do like how it discusses that people are just generally a mess, haha. I laughed at the conversation where the AI starts calling Kazuto a variety of names like “dad” and “sugar daddy” from the information it pulled out from what it knows about chat rooms. How very modern. It’s not a bad game to check out if you have time. It’s also free! Yay!

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn: IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I LAST PLAYED A KIRBY GAME. I think the last one I played was Planet Robobot. Kirby games are so cute. So healing. I love you, Kirby. Everything’s such a treat for the eyes. I love the art style. I love how the animations are made. It’s so charming. The only complaint I have is that because Kirby can’t fly in this iteration, the game has a lot of jumping puzzles, which are…………fun, I guess, but I feel like I have very little control sometimes since Kirby keeps sliding a little when he lands AND FALLING OFF THE PLATFORM AND RINSE AND REPEAT. Other than that, it’s a good time.

Normal Me and Abnormal Friends: Another one of Entabridge’s games. It’s about a boy who finds himself in the company of supernatural beings. I’m not sure what I feel about it. I like the character interactions (though I was annoyed at how one of them was written almost like a stock tsundere trope) and there are some amusing alternate endings, but there are a few things that bug me. There’s the overall theme of how humans and supernatural beings are not that different, but the bad endings feel like they tell a completely different story? Picking the “correct” choices (by that, I mean the ones that don’t immediately bad end you) in this is extremely easy because you can tell what the game expects from you to “behave” around said supernatural beings.

I feel like it just makes you more conscious of the whole “they are Different” part when the point is supposed to be that they’re also like humans? I guess there’s that whole “out of touch with society” and dangerous undercurrent to go with them, but eh. (The title itself also feels a little…eh in that regard.) In short: generally had fun with the journey, wasn’t too hot on how the choices and endings in the game were executed. There was a scene I did particularly like near the end in regards to selfishness.

7 years from now: Trying out more visual novels on mobile. It’s about a boy trying to regain his lost memories and fulfill a promise from…you guessed it…7 years ago! I couldn’t get into it. I guess there’s a mystery to pursue, but I’m just not interested after a couple of chapters. The writing has a lot of “there was THIS THING OF INTEREST also look at the time let me excuse myself before giving you any substantial details” scenes going on and on and I pretty much uninstalled it before finishing. I DON’T HAVE ALL DAY TO PLAY TELEPHONE WITH YOU GUYS. I also have questions about the beginning scene where the doctor literally says hm maybe I shouldn’t prescribe this medicine but take it anyway and eat it and don’t tell your parents I did and the protagonist is like oh cool. (I honestly do not remember anyone’s names.) The flow is really weird? Maybe I’ll give it another try if I feel up to it again.

Clock of Atonement: The mobile game saga. The game has a really neat system with rewinding and forwarding time. It is about a stalker who keeps killing a woman he comes into contact with, though, and the depiction of things can be a little…eh…so keep that in mind if you want to try it out.

Angel Road: The mobile game saga. It was…interesting, I guess? It’s about someone who keeps walking a road that loops over and over. It didn’t particularly resonate with me. I like how the game renders general NPCs with outlined figures.

Bluebird of Happiness: The mobile game saga. It’s about a boy who finds himself in a mysterious place. This one is by far my favourite out of Daigo’s Studio’s games. I think it does some really neat things with how it implemented the in-game hint system. The controls can be a little wonky, though, and I ultimately had to look up a walkthrough because the in-game hints don’t seem to cover everything, but it’s relatively short and a fun journey.

Town of Tides: The mobile game saga. It’s about a man who moves to this town for a change of pace. I like the cat. I have nothing deep and insightful to say about this game because I didn’t particularly feel anything going through it and ended up just stopping halfway to try something else.

Bear’s Restaurant: The mobile game saga. It’s about a cat server working with a bear chef to serve customers what they want. I really like the concept. Everything’s so colourful. I’m not sure what I feel in regards to the nature of the deaths, but I guess they work? They feel weirdly abrupt to me. Then again, death is an abrupt thing, so…? I didn’t finish it yet, but I liked the beginning part a lot where you just run around and serve people food they want to eat after diving into their memories. I again have complaints about the controls. Let me know if I’m bumping into furniture or actually talking to someone.

7 days – Decide your story: The mobile game saga. I’d say it’s pretty lengthy for a game that cost 99 cents. It’s about a girl who has a chance at resurrection as long as she can do a “task” assigned to her within…you guessed it…7 days! The demo interested me a fair bit, so I took the plunge in getting the full version. Trying to figure out all the story branches was a huge pain but I’m finally free. I had fun.

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde: The mobile game saga. I couldn’t really get into it. It’s about a man who wants to find out the truth behind the will his friend left behind. I find the controls somewhat unwieldy. Bluebird of Happiness and Bear’s Restaurant also had wonky controls, but they did have bright and colourful graphics and a general setting that drew me in. For Jekyll and Hyde, I’m not feeling the story flow and I find that the soundtrack for the game seems…inappropriately timed? The guy will be wondering about something and then this rising crescendo starts playing as if someone’s about to creep up behind him. Anyway, my own nitpicks aside, I just don’t find myself interested. Maybe I’ll give it another go in the future.

I also tried out Block Bros: Platformer Builder, which is not a visual novel, but it’s cute. Even if it does relieve the rage I get from playing Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn with the SLIDING OFF AFTER YOU JUMP TO A TINY ONE PERSON PLATFORM. STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!!

OH YEAH, I GUESS I PLAYED MYSTIC MESSENGER TOO. I finally managed to unlock Ray’s third bad end. I have no idea why the game mandates that you need to have so much negative affection in order to get that particular bad end branch. It almost makes me think Ray is some masochist where MC says everything to put him down and he’s like BUT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY, COME WITH ME Y/Y? Gotta go all the way if you really want to push him over the edge. I can’t wait till I log all the endings for V so I can finally forget the game exists until there’s more stuff for me to collect.

  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika

For $8000 a month, I will stop (not really, but that would be an appreciated donation, heh). I did pretty much post most of my blabbing in my liveblog diary, so I feel like I’ve gotten out most of my energy through that.

Drama CD update: The Sofmap disc is amusing. It is very cute how Rindo and Natra refer to Ela as their adopted younger brother. I love found family. I always laugh every time someone says “how about THEM” and the characters are all “who” and they’re like “Cinderella” and then they’re like “oh yeah that girl with the glass shoes”. I admire how they account for the yumejoshis to not use Haili’s name but it also makes the flow awkward in that you know why but they have to explain why anyway, heh. Anyway, they discover a voice recorder and marvel over it. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TIME PERIOD THEY’RE IN. I HAVE QUESTIONS. Natra screams so much in it. I nearly forget he’s voiced by Toriumi. “Why don’t you try being more honest with her? How about ‘I think you are cute’, ‘those glass shoes fit your beautiful feet perfectly–‘” “Um, hold up for a bit, that sounds more like something a pervert would say.” Not gonna lie, I cracked up, so it was worth the (redacted) I spent to obtain it.

ANYWAY. It turns out that the acrylic charms announced for Anime Japan are going to be put on mail order, so I can now live in fear of potentially ordering (redacted) numbers of them and seeing how many out of the 16 designs I can get. (Or at least Stellaworth did say they would be up for mail order after Anime Japan, but they haven’t posted up any news on that, so it could also not be happening. RIP.) I really just want the tarot card versions…especially Haili…why are blind packs a thing. Just sell me a whole box with everything inside. I am that person who will literally collect everything of a set because it feels incomplete otherwise.

There has been nothing fairly new to add about the series other than that it’s coming to Otomate Cafe. The promotional tweets on the official twitter are so cute. I’m still a little weirded out that the image drink for Palika is…orange-coloured? Especially when all the key art emphasises the pink and purple colours? I will keep mourning over the lack of an art book or soundtrack until it comes out. Stellaworth announced some new merchandise coming out for the game and they’re very pretty, but seriously, WHERE IS HAILI? YOU LITERALLY HAVE THE CHIBI ART OF HER FROM THE SAME SET? USE IT? SHE RANKED THIRD PLACE? THERE IS NO WAY PEOPLE DON’T WANT GOODS OF HER?

There’s also new military-themed merchandise coming out for the Otomate Spring Fair. It’s pretty surprising the series actually got new art and chibis, but I’m still unsure of how far Otomate is going to take it.

Recent liveblogging: I read a post by someone who was really into (redacted)’s route. It was a surreal experience. I think that no matter how many positive posts I read about his route and that I somewhat understand what the appeal is, I…yeah, can’t relate. I’ve started to slowly replay the game myself, and it’s refreshing to revisit. I am chuckling a bit more at Kashika’s very convenient appearance and explanation. I do not know why I did not go “so were you stalking Haili up to this very moment” the first time he went “I was always waiting for you”. I was probably too charmed by how cute Haili was and dismissed his existence in favour of Campanella.

  • Made things I wanted to make


I didn’t comment much on this picture when I posted it because I wanted it to be as incomprehensible as possible. Why is Kashika in a kigurumi? Why are there so many Campanellas? I don’t know, because I can draw what I want? Shion was going to be buried in Campanella plushies except that I got lazy drawing more Campanellas than the three (or four?) I already did, so I settled with what you see in the picture. Maybe I should’ve put a Campanella on Eris’ head. Drew Campanellas on the wallpaper. Litter the floor with nothing but Campanellas. Campanella armageddon.

More blocky stuff. I like playing with shapes a lot. Lime (Witch’s Heart, green hair) is fun to draw. I should go back to playing Bonus Stage in English when I have time…all the stuff I draw mindlessly for Witch’s Heart are the girls. Claire…I love you…

Neko is so good. I love you. The additional stories for Atori and Ruri are finally up in the Japanese version, but I wonder if they’ll translate them for the English version? I sent an email to SEEC regarding them and they mentioned that…they would consider doing it after (redacted). I’M SO EXCITED. I want to get them, but since I already bought the special stories for EN, I’d rather have all the stories in one place. If I’m rich, though, I’d like to buy the JP stories to compare the translations. I actually was transcribing the entirety of Tasokare Hotel in English and Japanese as a fun practice and finished up Chapter 1 before I put it aside. Maybe I’ll go back to it again.

Once upon a time ♫

I am still physically incapable of not drawing Haili. I like drawing girls a lot. I don’t mean to draw Klone that often but I think his route had most of the “fun” scenes such as him furiously weeding as Haili tries to talk his ears off. “Wow!!! It’s like watching you do a time attack game!!!” Hm. Or maybe I had the most fun with their interactions? “If you had a wish, what would you wish for? For example, like wishing for all the gratin you could eat in the world?” “Is this the sort of thing you think about every day?” “I MEANT IT AS AN EXAMPLE.” There’s also the part in (redacted)’s route where Haili swings around an axe like no big deal. Haili Lalique is so powerful.

Hm. I draw Shien and Klone with Haili more than the other guys, but it’s more of scenes from their routes rather than me coming up with scenarios for them…so I’m unsure if they are my “favourites”? It might be more that they’re easier for me to draw. Natra’s hair is troublesome so I don’t draw him that much. I’m pretty neutral towards Ulen. I like drawing Ela and Rindo’s braids. Kashika looks like a decorative tree. Haili’s the main highlight of a picture when I do want to indulge my Cendrillon Palika drawing itch, anyway.


That part in the common route of the game where Haili and Natra get into a fight over who has the Best Big Brother (TM). Absolutely delightful. Almost wish they got into an actual fist fight completely unrelated to the matter at hand. This is the kind of interaction I should be seeing. I had a lot of difficulty picking out a contrasting background colour…ah well, this picture is completed and out of my system, so I’ll not focus too much on it now.

Please play Tasokare Hotel and appreciate Tsukahara Neko, who will gleefully mock a grown man’s inability to open a jar. I recently bought some Tasokare Hotel fanbooks and there was one particularly gorgeous one among them. My wallet was crying as I bought it, but after reading it, I’m like “holy shit, you deserve to be paid more for this”? It was roughly 2000 yen for 120+ pages…I am very satisfied. So much gorgeous art and good commentary. I wish fanbooks were a more popular form of merch (outside of Japan) since they’re the only things I’m ever interested in but I guess from a creator’s point of view there’s always demand and the cost of production to consider.


For some reason, the phrase “Aren’t you tired of being nice? Don’t you just want to go apeshit?” has been running in my head the entire month. That’s what I’ve been feeling as I draw. I don’t really know what that phrase signifies either, but it makes me laugh. Hell yeah, I will go wild drawing what I want. BY KAEDE, FOR KAEDE. Cendrillon Palika is a good game because I can squeeze these character interactions out of it. I want Haili to force-feed Kashika fish and pull on his ponytail. Make him suffer.

I’m curious if people who don’t know anything about this game see my art and wonder what the hell it’s about, and if I really dislike Kashika with how I’ve been depicting him LOL.

I was in a Kirby mood as I was playing Epic Yarn. I sometimes remember that I can draw anything I want, and if I want to draw Haili Lalique with Kirby mouth vacuum skills, I totally can.

I got a DIY kit for a miniature, and I am in love. IT’S SO FUN TO MAKE. Miniatures are infinitely more fun to make when all the materials are already prepared for you and all you need to do is to put things together. I suffered so much when making Mashiro’s room because I was pretty much making what I needed on the fly rather than having the things pre-prepared. Making a miniature from a DIY kit also gives me a lot more insight on how I can set things up…so many things I can consider and try out if I get into the mood to make my own again.

I also did some of the DIY kits I got from Thailand, though I got lazy putting the pictures together. Anyway, I made them, took photos, was content, and threw the items away. There was a packet of something that looked like Honey Stars that smelled nauseatingly sweet but had the taste and texture of cardboard. I chewed on it for a few seconds to try the taste before spitting it out but I felt like my entire mouth was still permeated with the taste. There were some…jelly ball looking things in a sealed packet that looked like they were oozing oil or were left out in the sun for too long. Extremely ominous. They make a nice decoration but I did not trust them enough to want to put any in my mouth. I think that food DIY kits are fun to make but I probably wouldn’t want to try eating them when keeping this experience in mind.

  • Cleaned my room

…Did I? I made a note of this but I don’t feel like I cleaned it up much. The main thing I did was move out most of the stuff I bought and all my filled-up notebooks. I guess there’s one shelf that’s a little more empty now and I finally put away my pasta machine in a cupboard rather than precariously balancing it by the windowsill. It made me remember that I own a badge machine that I stuffed into the same cupboard after I got super excited testing it out for the first time and just…put it aside. All my stuff is a mess.

I hope that when I’m doing crafts the next time I actually remember where I shoved all my tape and general craft tools at. I keep thinking that I’ll organise stuff by “category” and I do, but I end up forgetting where I put what. Maybe I should start maintaining an inventory list for my belongings, haha.

Other things: I got around to checking out The Promised Neverland. Honestly, it reads like a lot of exposition hell for me, but I’m still interested in seeing where the story ends up going. Sometimes I’m caught up with how sexy Demizu Posuka’s art and compositions are, and sometimes I’m thinking “are all of you twelve year olds really talking like this, I am literally processing this with one brain cell right now”. Love Emma. Love girls.

Hm. I guess this month proceeded normally? I didn’t take particular note of anything, I feel. Wild that we’re already done with one quarter of the year. Happy soon-to-be-April, and may April Fool end normally for everyone now that it’s on a weekday.

2 thoughts on “[Diary] March 2019

  1. aheadofthenight

    Cute Demon Crashers is an awesome game! March has been pretty (insert random word). I was MIA for a full week due to food poisoning (the pain went on and on & no one can explain why) and recuperating took another week. Then loads of thing just happened last weekend. I’m tired LOL
    You’ve played a lot of games owob I found myself getting wrapped with Netflix and DC stuff 😂 Hope April will be another good month for you ♥


    1. RUBS YOUR BACK…I hope that things have been a little easier now that that’s behind you! IT ALWAYS SUCKS WHEN THEY CAN’T DETERMINE WHAT THE CAUSE OF THE PAIN IS and hazard a guess at what can keep it at bay. Get lots of rest and water!!!

      Cute Demon Crashers felt really comfortable even though it’s a R18 game! It’s pretty amazing. I hope you enjoyed checking them out! Do you have any recommendations? ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) I hope you have a lovely April as well, Amaya! ♥


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