[Diary] March 2019


Fight! Fight!

A list of what I’ve done for the month, or at least up to now:

  • Otter
  • Played a bunch of games (Tsumugu Logic, Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors, Locked Heart, one night, hot springs, Appeeling Personality, XOXO Droplets, XOXO Blood Droplets, Butterfly Soup, April Was a Fool, HeartBaked, Cute Demon Crashers!, What’s Your Name?, I.B., Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, Normal Me and Abnormal Friends, 7 years from now, Clock of Atonement, Angel Road, Bluebird of Happiness, Town of Tides, Bear’s Restaurant, 7 days – Decide your story, MazM: Jekyll and Hyde)
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika
  • Made things I wanted to make
  • Cleaned my room

March, also known as the month of me going wild with checking out available visual novels on the Google Play Store.

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[Liveblog diary] Cendrillon Palika


Here’s my thoughts on Cendrillon Palika, except in the raw unfiltered orange juice version compared to the more polished one I wrote up. Yeah, I wrote a nearly 41,000 word post for this. You are truly capable of doing anything your heart desires.

December 6, 2018. Main features: copious amounts of yelling, “WHAT THE HELL”, “I LOVE HAILI?”. Not featured: the amount of times I kept tripping over my typing as I was liveblogging the game along with some choice words that were excised to keep this family-friendly. More Opinions (TM), and musing on the series along with general meta.

Spoilers are not whited out, so take caution.

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