[Diary] February 2019


A list of what I’ve done for the month, or up to now:

  • Started watching Suite Precure
  • Went on a buying spree
  • Got a scented candle
  • Went to Indonesia
  • Read a bunch of books
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika
  • Played a bunch of games (Tasokare Hotel, Kagoniwa no Cock Robin, ROOT REXX, What’s Your Name?, Mystic Messenger)
  • Made things I wanted to make

  • Started watching Suite Precure

La~la~la la la~Suite Suite Pretty Cure~

(This is the first opening, but it’s labeled as the second one by the uploader.)

I really like the opening song. The show feels very nostalgic in that it makes me think of older shows I’ve watched as a kid. It’s probably the style and the slightly washed-out colours.

Seeing the bickering between Hibiki and Kanade is an interesting change of pace after watching a bunch of seasons where the girls are on pretty amiable terms, but sometimes the drama feels very…forced? I get that people argue and can get hung up over the smallest things, but I am having a very difficult time trying to wrap my head around the first episode misunderstanding as to why Hibiki and Kanade’s relationship turned sour. I just feel like if you made a promise to meet up with someone somewhere at a set time and they don’t show up, wouldn’t the natural reaction be to…check with them what’s up…like, even if you think the person ditched you, wouldn’t you still ask them what happened…was bringing hand phones to school during the time the show was produced still discouraged…

It’s something like those old school romance novels where two people meet up but they’re on the opposite side of the tree and they don’t have hand phones to confirm each other’s location. …Then again, Hibiki and Kanade are childhood friends who go to the same school, so they could have met up to ask about the whole deal later. I MIGHT BE THINKING TOO HARD ABOUT THIS AND YEAH I GUESS PEOPLE DO LET THINGS SIMMER IF THEY DON’T WANT TO BRING IT UP, BUT IT BUGS ME NONETHELESS. POOR COMMUNICATION KILLS, GUYS.

The third episode also made me very ? at how Hibiki was quite rightfully upset with her dad not praising her as a kid when she had to be a stand-in replacement for someone’s place in a concert because he made some cryptic comment about her not having fun (and of course like how many years later this episode has her going OH I FINALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN as if it wasn’t her dad’s fault for speaking in weird metaphors). Hey, dude, she’s a kid, her original plans were disrupted to play at this concert, can you speak in terms your own kid can understand and won’t resent you for it until it gets smoothed over like it wasn’t something she was stewing on for how many years. I’m fine with drama, but right now the drama is…very…yeah. I hope it gets better in the later episodes.

  • Went on a buying spree

Hahahaha, remember when I mentioned about getting the other drama CD tokutens for Cendrillon Palika if they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg? Yeah. I didn’t have to give up any arms or legs, so I guess I technically didn’t sacrifice much. I’m glad I managed to pounce on the Sofmap CD before the price went out of hand. Palika has such a good sense of humour woven into the character interactions…I think Sasaki Maro (Cendrillon Palika’s writer) is at their peak when writing comedy. Trigger Kiss was particularly great in that aspect. I think that was probably why the game felt more “fun” in the extras than in the main story where there’s limited opportunities for everyone to mingle LOL. I wish the main story had more fun moments like Klone’s route where Haili walks in on the outsider trio being wild drunks.

What everyone is up to:

  • Shien, Ulen, and Kashika banding together to get gifts for Haili’s birthday. Shien (on Ulen getting more taste in picking out presents): “I feel like a mother watching her child grow up.” Ulen: “Hey, I’m not your kid.” Shien: “Yes, yes.”
  • Ulen and Natra chasing an alien.
  • Shien finds this legendary tea and gets Ulen and Klone to drink it with him. Shien’s pouty voice is the greatest thing. “Ulen, do you seriously not want to drink this tea? A new discovery is in front of you right now, and this is how you react? All other researchers of the world would definitely jump at the chance to taste it…but I guess it’s fine if you’re okay with that. Hmph.”

I’m still waiting for the Sofmap CD to see what it’s about.

…Anyway. I also got a couple of art books…I thought of getting the BAD APPLE WARS art book, but I’m not really in a rush to own it, so I put it off. I got some merchandise for Tasokare Hotel, but I want more…I want cute acrylic stands particularly of Neko…A+ protagonist who will not hesitate to resort to violence. Maybe my senses have been dulled after playing otome games for a while, but I feel like I’m way too used to seeing female protagonists have more pacifistic responses to Things Happening, or their capacity for anger being toned way down to be more accepting probably as one of the genre’s trappings. Love is the solution, after all. No one wants to know how often I go “this scene would be greatly improved if the protagonist could throttle this dude right now” when I play otome games. Neko being so delightfully crude and ready to fight is very welcoming.

  • Got a scented candle

By chance, I got my first ever Yankee Candle product! Yay! It’s one of the small jar types. I got the Enchanted Moon scent. It smells super calming. The scent is pretty mild, which I like. I didn’t burn it, though. I just open the jar to sniff at every now and then.

…Come to think of it, I can actually make scented candles whenever I want. I’m not really big on candles, so it’s not something I’ve dabbled into much. I think that the only time I might ever make candles again is if I want to try wax carving.

  • Went to Indonesia

Ferry rides are a lot more comfortable than planes, imagine that. It was a pretty short trip, so I didn’t do much other than shop and look around…there were some huge fish at the wet market. I got a lot of stationery from a general store. There was a lot of super cute glitter…I can’t wait to make use of them in some way either in resin crafting or miniatures.

  • Read a bunch of books

I didn’t find any narratives I wanted to check out for the time being, so I ended up reading some books on art and design. All the names are flying over my head but it’s nice to leaf through the books for how other artists shape and give form to their ideas via illustration. I think I might want to look up some books on Art Nouveau…academic writing on fairy tales is apparently a thing, so maybe I’ll check those out when I get the time as well.

I read an article about how fairy tales act as a cautionary warning to children and are intended to be much more violent with severe consequences rather than the more “sanitised” versions going around nowadays. There were interesting points about how horrible things happen to the protagonist if they make the wrong choice…it does make me reframe what I think about fairy tales. I guess it does make sense with how original fairy tales tend to be more “gruesome”. There’s usually a moralistic tone to them…I want to look up more sources and cross-reference them.

  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika

Yeah, I guess this is going to be part and parcel of my monthlies until I mellow out on the game. I am so thankful I am friends with someone who constantly yells about how much they like the series or want developments for it because damn…I’m not alone…thank you…I love you…seeing someone else who feels the same way I do is very validating. Bless.

Recent updates: The game is alive to show up in Otomate Party. I am very thankful. I would almost consider going to Otomate Party but I think I will hold off…I hope everyone who goes there will have fun. It’s too bad that the entire cast won’t be present, but I look forward to whatever developments pop up through the event. It would’ve been nice to have the other absent voice actors to be there, I want to see a real life reenactment of all the extra scenes from the game. Ela’s biting comments are particularly hilarious. The game has a great sense of humour.

There was a talk event held for the game recently for which you could enter the drawing for by having bought 4 or more of Otomate’s Switch releases. Going by the reports I’ve read, it was pretty small-scale and had seats out for 40 people, but quite a number didn’t show up, so it was about 20-25 people instead. The hosts there were Namikawa Daisuke (Klone) and Sugiyama Noriaki (Kashika). The landmine duo, heh.

There was some fairly interesting commentary on the characters they shared by the director (Koide Yuuri) and the artist (Suzushiro Karin). Klone’s hair wasn’t originally blond, and the director said that he “isn’t a tsundere, but a boy who wants to spoil the girl he likes”. (Which I guess is true, he’s pretty easygoing once Haili gets past his icy behaviour.) Kashika was “a suspicious self-proclaimed wizard with a hidden side”, and his character design had the image of a pierrot. I would’ve typed clown, but I would laugh too much, so pierrot. Maybe jester might be a closer word rather than clown? Please…release a fanbook or an art book…I want to see commentary on everyone…

There was a question of “if you could change bodies with someone else”. Klone: “Shien. I want to do bad things to everyone who thinks Shien is a nice person. Prepare horrible tea. Treat Ulen in an awful way. Burn Ulen’s books. I’ll give everyone nightmares for a day.” Kashika: “Ela. Bring out a more adult-like appeal.” Namikawa commented on Ulen’s character art, going “is his ear itchy?”.

I’m still wondering if the game is done with or will have any new announcements. I thought the official twitter would be pretty quiet until April when Rindo’s birthday rolled around, but they surprisingly had an update for Valentine’s Day. I wonder if there’ll be anything for White Day, then…? I’m kind of curious why it didn’t at all mention anything about the talk event that was tied in with the Nintendo Switch campaign, even if it was small-scale. There’s also the periodic PR tweets promoting the game…I wonder how it’s faring. Please give me the soundtrack and the art book. I want it so bad.

From what I can tell, the game itself seems to be sold out at quite a number of stores, and prices online are pretty steep. …I still am not sure if it’s doing well, though. Is it popular or not? Did the initial print run copies already run out? It is a mystery.mp3.

  • Played a bunch of games (Tasokare Hotel, Kagoniwa no Cock Robin, ROOT REXX, What’s Your Name?, Mystic Messenger)

Tasokare Hotel: Wow, I never thought I’d see a game with a character that canonically has a vore kink! I only wish SEEC would actually let me pay for the game itself, like unlimited reading…I guess there’s at least the special stories. I refuse to spend on microtransactions if I can slave away at earning everything for free. Anyway, I finished the game, and I had a good time. Neko is so delightful. There was a small livestream hosted on Shirasaka no Hakushukassai (Sakai Koudai and Shirai Yuusuke’s program) where they showcased some of the new merchandise being sold for an upcoming event. I hope I can get my hands on those. There’s also an update on the new special stories they announced back in November: They Are Coming (Soon). Fingers crossed!

Kagoniwa no Cock Robin: I actually had a lot to say about this game that was mostly complaining but now I am extremely doubtful if I read it correctly, so I will revisit it properly and get all the ending branches and see if I feel any differently towards it. My base feelings on it at the moment are along the lines of “mmmmm yeah I don’t like that”.

ROOT REXX: I’M FREE. I have literally nothing else to say about this game other than it is behind me forever and I will never have to voluntarily touch it or load it into my Vita ever again. I triumph. …I do have some of the booklet and manga material I got for Mikanagi Touya’s art, but maybe I’ll look at them at a later time.

What’s Your Name?: The indie game mood. The game reminds me of Cendrillon Palika in a way that depending on what your final choice in a route is, you can either get a very cute happy ending or DEATH AND DYING MISFORTUNE UPON YOU. Yeah. It was particularly hilarious because I actually managed to sidestep all the mid-game bad endings up to the final choice for all routes, and proceeded to without fail click on the choice that would lead me to the worst ending. Seeing what the good endings were like after that was a little weird. I like the atmosphere and the music. I still have the Mermaid’s route to finish, but it’s a pretty short game that you can probably get through in an hour or so.

Mystic Messenger: I apparently never keyed in the code from the Special Believer box I got almost a year ago. I played through Ray’s route, which I was pretty surprised I got on to begin with since I was sure I flubbed the answers, and it was…interesting? Some of the reasoning for things that happened was so bonkers I cracked up in the middle of some of the chat rooms. Like…I get it…but at the same time…it’s really funny to me for some reason? I liked the themes the route had though I still stand by the fried chicken bad ending as the best one. The MC sure is resilient to anything that comes their way. I think I’m kind of neutral to how the developments play out in Mystic Messenger because I…usually just max speed chat rooms and log all the choices to save them in my history rather than actually reading the game (except for when I feel like it). I think the game speaks more to my completionist tendencies more than me wanting to actually play it. (This was also me when I was playing Twelve Fantasia.)

  • Made things I wanted to make


My drawing energy is dead for this month. I think the only “proper” picture I drew is this one with Haili yanking water out of Klone’s grasp when he’s suffering a hangover (this is something that happened in canon, not something I came up with).


Some experimentation with blocky shapes and colours. I think this one is a good exercise for when I feel like drawing something but not really getting into it.


I wanted to draw, couldn’t think of anything, so I pulled out these extremely heterosexual doodles from my notebooks and just ran with them. I like the brush I used for this a lot. I didn’t touch it much before, and I wonder why…I really like the textured feel of it rather than the usual blending brush I use for digital art.

Some Tasokare Hotel stuff I drew on the side. Neko is A+. I wanted to polish up the one that was halfway-coloured, but I lost energy, so I guess that it’s in its complete form as it is.


More resin crafts. Whee. I feel like my entire being is zoning out somehow. I really want to make miniatures, but I just don’t…feel like it…

The cubes at the back are Klone’s cave and a…general sparkly pink setting for something Cendrillon Palika-inspired. Yeah, Klone lives in a cave. I got this far and I got lazy trying to think of how I should build the furniture…Mashiro’s room had a lot of cute stuff to it that made it more fun to make, but the personal rooms in Cendrillon Palika lean more towards “normal”, so I guess I don’t feel very excited to get to making the little parts.

I feel like I typed this post while half-delirious because I’m like…February…wow…I sure am alive and living in this very moment right now…where am I…I feel a little. Hm. Lost the mood? I’m still making and doing things for myself, at the very least. What’s everyone been up to? Here’s to March, and the upcoming three quarters of 2019 remaining. o7

4 thoughts on “[Diary] February 2019

  1. lenahsu32

    I didn’t do anything particularly interesting last month. Those resin crafts look super adorable, though! how do you make them, or to word it better, where do you get the patience to make them?


    1. I hope you’re doing well, at least! May March bring along good things. ✨ Thank you! 😊 For making resin stuff, I add implements and layers between several days until it’s complete! Rather than patience, it’s more of something I do when I’m in the mood to, haha! There are times when I let my initial layers sit for days until I feel like adding on more to it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoy your diary entries! They remind me of the oldschool analog diary I used to keep as a student. So nostalgic! The doodles add a nice personal touch too and make me miss drawing….WHAT IS TIME /sigh

    Scented candles are great!! I wish there was a way to make the scent intensify when burning, maybe that would motivate me to actually burn my candles. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌


    1. I HOPE YOU CAN GET TIME FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. I’m glad to hear that! I really enjoy writing them, it’s nice to have something documenting what you did and can look back on. Analog diary buddies! I still have some old ones from over ten years back.

      I guess we’ll just have to make do with what we have…! I haven’t burned any of mine just because I don’t want to have to keep an eye on the flame, heh.

      Liked by 1 person

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