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A girl finds herself in the middle of nowhere, but manages to stumble upon a hotel after wandering around. As it turns out, the hotel hosts spirits that are lost between the world of life and death, unaware of what their current situation is in reality. After discovering her identity, Tsukahara Neko decides to work at the hotel to pass time until she regains her memories and can go to her supposed “destination”, helping other guests find out the circumstances behind their “deaths”.

It’s a wild not otome game thoughts post! Surprise! I also wrote up a guide/walkthrough for the game you can refer to on the second page of this post.

Guide / Walkthrough

Name: 誰ソ彼ホテル / 黃昏旅店 / Tasokare Hotel
Developer: SEEC
Genre: Escape adventure novel
Official site: Here
Type: Free (has in-game purchases)
Platform: Android / IOS (links to the English version of the game)
Language: Japanese / Mandarin / English

As much as I like SEEC’s games, I don’t know why I don’t keep a closer look on them. I was only aware that the game existed thanks to a friend posting about it. It’s been so long since I played The Prison Boys and Alice’s Spiritual Judge…anyway, moving on.

The system menu and interface. Very sleek. The options are pretty simple, as per a mobile game.

What’s a mobile game without a gacha nowadays? Jokes aside, this is pretty much a fun bonus thing for you to roll extra coins and other in-game items.


The “My Room” function. Trash builds up over time and you click on them to clear them out, gaining experience. You can occasionally earn coins from clearing trash. The gaining experience thing is incorporated into the story (missions), where to proceed with some stages you must have a certain level of experience. It basically serves as a roadblock in that even if you buy all the tickets you need to read the story in one sitting, you cannot go any further without also gaining experience in My Room. Not that it means anything as long as you have the power of money and can buy coins for bells that will add to your experience total, but otherwise, you’ll just have to be patient with time to conquer it.

The game usually uses real life stock photos for a majority of the background and item graphics, but I think it does well at keeping a sense of cohesion.


The game’s system. It’s pretty straightforward if you’re familiar with ticketed mobage. The game gives 5 free tickets every day at 5AM. Reading 1 chapter consumes a ticket. You can essentially read the entire story for free, but of course, it will take approximately a month to. You either pay for the game via money or time.

There’s an incentive to clear chapters within a time limit to unlock character and gallery-exclusive content. It’s pretty neat, though you might have to resort to buying tickets if you’re short on them. In any case, if you fall through on clearing a chapter early, the game will still let you unlock the content via coins.


As for re-reading, you can unlock the function for each chapter with coins. Chapter 1 can be unlocked for free. You can pretty much play and unlock everything in this game for free (sans the special stories) provided that you’re patient with it. The story itself spans 8 chapters consisting of 213 stages. The main story is 174 stages, so there’s quite a number of alternate routes and endings on the side you can discover.

Gameplay elements. Other than being a visual novel, Tasokare Hotel also has parts where you get to search rooms and question people. If you’ve played Ace Attorney, it’s something similar to that. Read the story, talk to the other characters, gather evidence, and reveal the truth!

The official PV. It gives you a pretty handy overview of what the game has to offer.

Regarding voices! The game has partial voice acting that comes out in the form of short quips such as “ohhh” or “hmm” every now and then in the dialogue. On the home screen, you can switch between all the characters to hear three different fully-voiced lines from each of them. If you’ve cleared the true ending in the game, you can hear the voiced lines via the character profiles. In the “My Room” function, Neko has fully-voiced lines, and the guest characters have a fully-voiced line when summoned. The game’s special stories (paid items) are fully voiced. IMPORTANT NOTE: Voices are only available for Japan, US, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan. If you live outside of these regions, you will need to use a VPN to mask your location to access the voices. (Thanks to commenter mayseptembee!)

The insert song for the game, Meitei – Inebriety- by Sasaki Rico. It’s incorporated into one of the in-game chapters!

Overall thoughts on the characters and the story:


Tsukahara Neko (CV: Momokawa Rika) – The protagonist. Canonically described with “eyes of a dead fish”. Looks quiet, but is pretty loud and active. I like Tasokare Hotel mainly because of Neko. I LOVE YOU. Neko’s a girl not above violence and is always ready to throw down. Hell yeah. She exhibits a lot of very crude traits that I thought was unusual to see in a female protagonist, and has very high sense of individuality. When Neko gets angry, you better believe she acts on it. She is a delight and I profusely grateful towards SEEC for creating her. Also has a lot of very good expressions.

  • Atori Haruto (CV: Sakai Koudai) – Neko’s senior colleague, another spirit who came to the hotel before her and is working there to pass the time as well. Very serious about his work.
  • Hotel Manager (CV: Yamamoto Kanehira) – The head of the hotel who constantly slacks off and dreams about cabaret clubs. I love how how the game varies his expressions by the colour of his burning head. I support Neko in wanting to roast marshmallows on his head.
  • Osoto Masaki (CV: Shirai Yuusuke) – One of the hotel guests. He’s cool and calm, for sure. It’s Complicated.mp3.
  • Ruri (CV: Nagano Yuki) – A chef of the hotel who is usually in the kitchen. Neko is constantly gushing over how cute she is. “I constantly think about you.” “Creep.”
  • Menow (CV: Sasamoto Natsue) – A hostess of the hotel’s bar. Terrifying when mad, though the game never really shows that happening. “What happens when Menow gets angry?” “Fear.”
  • Kiriko (CV: Narumi Takashi) – A regular who frequents the hotel’s bar. Scoping out those good views. There is a in-game choice where Neko can comment on his “peeking” sounding either like an erotic or criminal thing.

Anyway, here’s my thought dump. I’ve whited it out for spoilers.

  • Chapter 7. I can’t believe Osoto is canonically into vore. I liked how the choice to not shoot Osoto wasn’t because Neko was hesitating on killing him, but rather if she would suffer consequences for doing so if the gun she was holding was a real one rather than some fantasy item capable of sending him to hell. I liked how it ultimately tied into the final chapter in what you have to be prepared for to do what you want to do.
  • The Manager. The game doesn’t really touch on who he is, other than that he built the hotel and runs it. From how he talks, I wonder if he’s some kind of grim reaper? He knows the state of all the people that arrive but says he can’t decide on who should live and die. Thus there’s this in-between world where people wander and decide for themselves. On that note, I wish there was a bit more on Menow and Kiriko as well. I quite enjoyed the special stories that elaborated more on them. There’s the whole “not humans with a different sense of morality” thing going on with them that I think the game could have done more with, but you do catch a glimpse of it through a couple of the bad endings.
  • Osoto. I thought it was interesting how there was literally no redemption for him as a character. He is straight up a terrible person, and the only ending options are either for Neko to send him to hell or to join him in his crimes rather than convincing him to change. I like how the game does not for a moment let you think Osoto is at all a good person even in the alternate routes, ha ha. It was pretty fun to read his interactions with Neko in the hotel where they can kind of get along until things come crashing down. Neko does not hesitate to call him out any time he makes an offhand comment, which is great. “You just blamed an innocent woman.”
  • The hotel. Considering the events that lead to Neko arriving in the real world, working in the hotel sure is a great benefit…all your memories intact, and you even get to go back in time. Wouldn’t most people want to sign up as a staff member, then? Or do they not talk about the benefits? Ruri does know about the kind of salary the hotel gives out, though…is it something you have to ask about? I only think about this because it seems like the Manager had no problem with taking Neko on as a worker the moment she asked (though the game does say that he is pretty short-handed around the place) even though her main intention was to kill time. I have so many questions.
  • The hotel, again. According to Menow, it was built 70 years before. It makes me wonder if before the Manager built it, were lost spirits wandering around the wilderness aimlessly until they remembered who they are? Does the hotel give the spirits more of a stimulus to remember their identity through the guest rooms…? It is a mystery.mp3. There’s admittedly some aspects of the game that feel a little lacking to me if I think too much about it.
  • True End and Another End. The True End felt like it lacked some punch to me, as much as I enjoyed seeing Neko and Atori meet again. I mean, Neko does send Osoto to hell in the True End and accepts that she will go to hell if she has to for it, but something there feels like it’s missing to me. It feels like the intended true ending of the game was Another End, with how the themes felt more consistent overall. “Are you ready to fall into hell?” “I am ready to fall into hell, so I am ready to fall into evil.” If Neko teams up with Osoto and the gate of hell is never opened, Atori probably won’t have his recurring nightmares as well…it’s strange, in a way. It makes the True End feel like the elaborate alternative universe with brimming possibilities next to what Another End offers that’s largely limited to Neko and Osoto’s relationship. It’s either one or the other – you can’t have both.


Special stories! They’re only available for reading after having played the true ending of the game. They are paid items, so I guess it’s kind of like a “if you enjoyed this game, here’s where you can put your money at to enjoy more content” thing. There are a total of 8 special stories, and all of them are fully voiced. There are 9 CGs exclusive to them. For around 20 – 30 bucks, I’d say it’s worth getting if you like the characters and their interactions. The game already provides to you a hefty amount of content for free, so I don’t mind paying that amount for the special stories to support the developers in some way. Also, the art is gorgeous. I can’t believe the ones you get to see throughout the main story are free…

The game’s system has the voices carry over until the next voiced line, so a character’s spoken dialogue won’t be cut off unless another character speaks up. The auto reading function behaves pretty weirdly with the voices – it seems to forget to account for them (since the majority of the game isn’t voiced), so there are points where it moves to the next written or spoken line before the character is even done talking.

If you’re on the fence about buying, the game provides you 1 of the stories out of the 8 available as a reading sample, which is pretty generous. 1 out of the 9 CGs are available for viewing through it. I am very glad I can get to hear Neko calling Atori “paisen” at least once. (That’s in one of the paid stories, not the given sample.)

Again, IMPORTANT NOTE: Voices are only available for Japan, US, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan. If you live outside of these regions, you will need to use a VPN to mask your location to access the voices. (Thanks to commenter mayseptembee!)

Some nitpicks. I checked out the JP version of the game, and while the EN version does make an effort to localise some of the more language-specific nuances, the ones that don’t…stand out quite a bit. Examples:


Just as keikaku (keikaku means plan). I think the game might be going more for using Japanese terms and explaining them in an English context along with keeping the usage of honorifics, but maybe having a keyword section to refer to would be more useful since it’s kind of distracting to read a word with a trailing description behind it every time it pops up. Or maybe just go with the translation in the parenthesis, in the case of “itadakimasu”. There are times when the translation can feel somewhat clunky.

I do appreciate that there were parts that were edited for the EN version. There were some puzzles based off the Japanese language the game didn’t edit, but compensated for it by giving extra hints.

There are a couple of bugs in the EN version where the game hangs at certain parts of the story (main one is in chapter 6 where the game hangs when you’re given the option to help Atori or not and you have to restart the application), or one vital clue in the chapter 8 puzzle being completely inaccessible (the third page of the diary where you can hear the page turning but the visual isn’t updated) and requiring you to probably view the answers to know what you have to do. The EN version is still fairly new, so I hope that those are things future updates will fix.
I haven’t been able to check Chapter 8, but the Atori bug has been fixed as of the Ver1.0.9 update! The inaccessible clue in Chapter 8 has been fixed as well (as of the Ver1.1.10 update).

Another weird thing is the character profiles. The JP version comes with developer notes, but for some reason it’s completely removed from the EN version. One big empty space. Huh? I’m not sure if they’re planning to add it in a future update, or they weren’t interested in translating them. It’s a bit puzzling, in any case. This has been fixed in the Ver1.0.9 update! The “behind the scenes” notes are now viewable through the character profiles.

I do wish the game had some unlimited reading function I could pay for like with Yotsumegami rather than tickets…I think the tickets do help you to savour the experience and it did make me excited to read it every day when I was waking up for work, but at the same time, I just want to blaze on through. I enjoyed it a lot, in any case.

The My Room missions are also a pretty annoying roadblock to a point of feeling gratuitous – it’s cute, I like the graphics, it’s a way to earn coins on the side, but it being tied with story progression can feel like a drag. It’s pretty cute at first, but as the mission thresholds get higher, gaining experience starts to feel very tedious with a lot of tap-tap-tap sessions as you play the game.

Anyway, I think it’s a fun game to check out if you have time. Mysteries! It’s free! Tsukahara Neko! The game is rated 12+ for moderate violence and mild swearing, so keep that in mind. I’m looking forward to SEEC’s other works.

If you’re interested in SEEC’s other works, check out Yotsume God!

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  1. aheadofthenight

    My twin actually has the Japanese version on her phone so I’ll definitely show her your post! xD and Happy Lunar New Year, Kaede ✨


    1. Fay

      Btw i still stuck about the chapter 7 to find green candy.
      Would anyone give the number?
      I tried 631425 and 731425 but didn’t work.
      I tried to count sukiyaki and it’s 63, tenpura 131 and sushi 125 but i dunno how to put into 6 digit


      1. Confusedaf

        Newbie here! Do the tickets disappear after a certain amount of time? Is it possible to put off playing the chapters and just visit daily for ticket collection and then read chapters when I’m ready?


        1. Hello! The daily 5 tickets will reset every day (they do not stack, whether or not you use them), but as for tickets you buy/get through advertisement bonuses (the + insert number here next to the daily tickets), they will stay with you until you use them up! So yes, you can read whenever you feel like you’ve saved enough tickets!

          As a note, the game will not use your saved tickets unless you’ve already used your daily 5 tickets.


        2. JeanneRose

          Hi thanks for the walkthrough!
          Im having quite a problem though. I cannot seem to unlock the chess clock in chapter 8 even thought i tapped the correct sequence. Does anybody know what to do?.


          1. Helllo! I’ve checked and the code works – what I can suggest is to exit the screen and key it in again. Also, make sure that the game is actually registering your taps – check that the buttons bob slightly after tapping them!


          2. Saerin

            If I use the re read function before I start the same chapter (I haven’t used the story ticket) does it allow me to access the chapter without using the tickets?


            1. Hello, unfortunately not! The game requires you to have “unlocked” story chapters with tickets first for you to be able to re-read them without any cost.


  2. hello, this walkthrough is very useful for me because I can’t read kanji XD but I still got stuck. You say we could get the wine coaster on the bathtub, but I can’t find it at all ._. where in the world the exact location of the wine coaster? Thank you


        1. Huh, I wonder if it’s a bug? I checked mine after turning off the water and still had it. Either way, I’m glad that you could find it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the game. \o/


      1. ladyphie

        Thank you ! btw the thing i’m missing is present kyoko profile hahah. after i reread many times profile was on record pfft. thankyou!


  3. Yecchan

    Hi!! I need help guys, I’m stuck, I’m done with chapters 1-7 but I can’t unlock chapter 8, they call this chapter ‘Another story’? Not sure, but I’m hoping someone could enlighten me \(!!˚☐˚)/

    Thank you very much in advance!!


    1. Hello, have you cleared the true ending for chapter 8? Unless you’ve done that, you will not be able to get Another Ending. I’ve listed all the Another Ending requirements under chapter 8 in the flowchart section, but let me know if you need help with anything specific!

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        1. “We Are Similar” is highlighted in orange, meaning that you’ve yet to clear it! (The game still has your Chapter 7 deadline up, meaning that you haven’t finished it yet.) I’m not sure what the problem is if you’ve already read it, but maybe try to read that stage again and see if you can move on?


        2. Vania

          Can anyone help me 😭

          I’m stuck at chapter 8 at the lift anf password part. I already put the answer and even checked it in this walkthrough but it said that its wrong 😭😭😭


          1. There are many passwords to input in chapter 8. I’m not very sure which one you’re referring to, so could you be more specific? The lift only requires that you put the emblem inside.


  4. ntart14

    Hello! I finished Chapter 8 yesterday and got the True Ending “Tasokare”, Another End “An Accomplice” ( green highlighted route ) and END “Interrogation = Torture”. However, there are 2 more endings ( below the END “Interrogation = Torture” ) and what are the requirements to get these 2 endings? Thank you!


    1. Hello! To get the other two endings, you will have to deactivate the Chapter 8 flag – go to “I’m Ready”, and tell Kiriko “No, I’m not”. This will remove the puzzle from your possession and let you progress with that branch leading to the two endings the next time you revisit “He is My Fate”.


  5. Abe

    Hello. Reading this was so useful but in chapter 8 I’m stuck in the part which needs the pass and id. I thought it’s related to the book on floor but it’s blurry. Can you help me please?


    1. Hello, glad it’s useful! You will first need to figure out the butterfly code on the wall and input it into the shelf of the left room (it has a butterfly engraving on it, the code is 623). Examine the Neko doll inside and her foot should have 1028 written on it, then check the binder on the floor which will give you the relevant PASS and ID! (If you CTRL+F “1028”, you should be able to find that specific part in the guide if this sounds a bit confusing!)


      1. Raeliana N

        I’m sorry. How do you look at the binder on the floor? Whenever I open it, the dialogue says there’s words in it, but everything is blurred out.


        1. Hello! You just need to do what I described in the comment you replied to – you first need to access the butterfly lock shelf, examine the Neko doll and the number on her foot (1028), and then you can check the binder for the PASS and ID. Checking the binder before examining the number on the Neko doll will result in the game telling you the binder is blurry.


  6. Phạm Hồng Hoa

    Hello! Can you help me? I am stuck in chapter 8 the waiting room. I put the code of the sweet box into a chess clock but it doesn`t working. T.T Am I wrong something?? And I can`t understand the butterfly code on the wall…can you explain it for me? Sorry for my bad English. Thank you very much!!!


    1. Hello! For the chess clock, I’ve checked, and the code should work, but let me list down the sweets you need to press rather than the direction to make it more clear – sakura mochi, sanshoku dango, sakura mochi, sanshoku dango, strawberry daifuku, strawberry daifuku, sakura mochi, sanshoku dango. If this doesn’t work, I suggest you exit the chess clock screen, re-enter it, and try the code again! Make sure the game is registering your taps with each time you tap.

      Here’s a visual guide (https://i.imgur.com/ZRbZYQf.png) for the butterfly code!


  7. Tashayumi

    Hello! I really appreciate you who made this walkthorugh, you really help me to go through the games. But, can you help me? I’m still confused how to solve inequality codes and years. Thank you^^


    1. Hello, I’m glad that it’s of help! (^o^) You need to use the inequality memo as a guide to solving the actual code (found in the 3rd page of the Manager’s diary). I’m not sure how to explain it any better than how I did in the post, so I drew up a visual guide here (http://i.imgur.com/b136Xf8.jpg)! I hope that helps to make things more clear.


  8. Maryam Fajrina Ichsani (Harada Sani)

    I’m stuck on chapter 6 part 8 at the osoto bedroom. It’s confused because the shapes of button can’t worked… And i’ve check the answer from this game but that not to be solved that answer


      1. Miki

        Excuse me, I’m stuck in ch 6, in osoto’s hidden room. How do I use the pulley and the rope? I keep clicking the pulley and the rope but it doesn’t work


        1. Hello, you’re supposed to use the pulley on the hook of the ceiling, then use the rope on the pulley. Refer to chapter 6 of the walkthrough for the full guide!


    1. Tashayumi

      Hello I’m sorry I’m asking again. I’m stucked in Chapter 8 Kiriko’s puzzle. I know that the frame isn’t fixed and probably the clue is there, but I don’t know how to find it. Also, I don’t really understand how to solve the chess part. Can you help me? I really appreciate you. Thank you so much^^


      1. Hello! You need to use Kiriko’s memo to solve the frame’s code, by tapping the corners of the frame in the order the memo indicates (CTRL + F “Kiriko’s memo” to refer to that part of the guide). Here’s a visual guide (http://i.imgur.com/u1NZSJT.jpg) if you need one.

        As for how to solve Kiriko’s puzzle, I suggest that you draw it out step by step starting from Kiriko’s 2nd memo and the chess board so that it’s easier to follow. Once you map out Kiriko’s coordinates (http://i.imgur.com/E0KFZYn.jpg), you can match it with the sheet of strange symbols (http://i.imgur.com/0G3V9M8.jpg), and from there figure out their positions on the puzzle using the clock (http://i.imgur.com/WYjfbWE.jpg).


    1. Hello, you just need to present it like how you would in interrogations! I’ve written down what to do in the case of timed events under the walkthrough section (CTRL+F “refresher on game mechanics”). Tap on the item, and tap on anywhere on the upper screen to use it.


  9. Guest

    Wow. You’re a real life safer. I downloaded this game back when it first released. Right at the start, they mention the early clear bonuses. I really wanted to get them, but I couldn’t find a good guide for it, until now. Thank you so much for compiling this.


    1. I’m glad that it’s of help! Most likely not, but if you need specific help with anything, I can put pictures up! SEEC’s content guidelines mandate that only playthrough videos up to Chapter 3 are allowed and nothing beyond that, so I wouldn’t be able to put much up anyway.


  10. riri

    thank u so much for this, u rlly rlly saved my ass!! it was also nice to read the first couple paragraphs abt ur opinion but i skipped over the rest in fear of spoilers. i actually came for the early stage completion guide and ive decided to take ur advice for chapter 4, but for the rest of them (chap5 onwards), would u happen to know how many tickets i would need for the Worst case scenario?? i dont trust myself to not accidentally start going for a branch ending but idw spoil it for myself by looking at a guide. if u dont remember i would understand though. thanks again!!!


    1. No problem, I’m glad it’s helpful! Thank you, I hope you can enjoy the whole game as a fresh experience! (^o^)

      As for the worst case scenario, assuming that you accidentally branch off but go back to re-do the chapters (if you go back to the title screen after each stage to check if you’re still on the path to the true end), the ticket distribution would probably be:

      Chapter 5: 9 tickets (+4 extra tickets)
      Chapter 6: 7 tickets (+3 extra tickets)
      Chapter 7: 11 tickets (+2 extra tickets, but might be more if you fail one segment multiple times)
      Chapter 8: 10 tickets (+2 extra tickets, but might be more if you fail to complete the required ending flags, or fail the timed events)

      If you end up completing all the other stages in the chapters before completing the true end, the ticket distribution would be:

      Chapter 5: 9 tickets (+4 extra tickets)
      Chapter 6: 13 tickets (+9 extra tickets)
      Chapter 7: 12 tickets (+3 extra tickets, but might be more if you fail one segment multiple times)
      Chapter 8: 15 tickets (+7 extra tickets, but might be more if you fail to complete the required ending flags, or fail the timed events)

      I hope that helps! Good luck in your path to the true ending!


    1. OwO

      Thanks for the walkthrough!!!!
      But somehow i still got stuck on chapter 6 because of that painting code (Paintings with star ranks). I tried to pressed them like the instruction but nothing happened .-. I don’t know what i did wrong


    1. Hello! You will naturally get all the CGs by completing the story stages. As for CGs you will have to go out of your way to collect:

      Chapter 4: 1 CG locked to the alternate route
      Chapter 5: 1 CG locked to the “Atori-senpai” branch
      Chapter 6: 2 CGs locked to the alternate endings
      Chapter 7: 1 CG locked to an alternate ending

      That’s about it! If you’re asking about the CG slots with gold frames towards the end of the gallery, those are locked to the special stories, so you’d have to buy said special stories to see them.

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  11. youraverageotaku

    Hello can you help me? I’m actually stuck on chapter 7, well in Kanekono’s Radio. She asked to turn on the radio but i dont really know the code.


        1. Hello, I’m glad you figured it out! If you’re unsure of anything, you can CTRL+F to find the specific term and see if it’s what you’re looking for, if the chapter categories are too broad a range.


    1. Hello, your link is broken, but I believe the branches you’re looking for are “Interrogation = Torture” and “Just before a thing happens”. I’ve listed the requirements for them under Chapter 8 of the “Flowchart branches” section, but let me know if you need any clarification.


        1. If you want to get the true ending, you will need to solve the puzzle while in the waiting room by flipping it over on the item detail screen and inputting the required symbols. Please refer to the guide for details. You will not be able to do anything with the puzzle outside of the waiting room chapter, and the game will decide what ending branch you get depending on the state of the puzzle by “He is My Fate” (whether you have it or not or if it is solved).


  12. Miki

    Hello. I’d like to ask about Osoto’s Hidden Room (ch.6) because i’m still stuck in there. How do i use the pulley? There’s a ring on the floor, and the only clue i has is that i need to pass something through it, i can’t set the pulley and the rope though i can hang the pulley on the ceilings, and what do i do with the wooden box? Thank you


    1. Hello! The floor ring isn’t part of the puzzle, so you can ignore it. You will first need to solve the code with the wooden tiles on the table. This will make one of the tiles on the floor protrude and you can remove it. After using the pulley on the ceiling hook, use the rope on it. Please refer to Chapter 6 of the guide for details! I’m not very sure what you mean by what to do with the wooden box, since you mention that you have the pulley (which is what it’s for)?


  13. Uyen Pham

    Hi. Could I ask you something, please? You said that “Character profiles will let you hear the character’s voice (the 3 lines you can hear on the home screen), let you view all their expressions, and see all their full body outfit variations”. I’ve wondered do it just happen in the JP ver, because for my two devices, I can’t even hear any line of the characters. Even when I’d completed 5 early chapters, it seemed nothing different from not completing them before time :'(. Also, what is the “behind the scene note” then?


    1. Hello! I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly, but to be able to access the character profiles (if you’ve gotten them), whether or not in the JP/CN/EN version, you will need to have cleared the true ending first (which is in chapter 8). The “early completion box” will be accessible (https://i.imgur.com/vIkSzn4.jpg) and this is what it will look like (https://i.imgur.com/OAXysct.jpg) if you want to listen to the voices. (You can listen to them on the title screen by tapping on the characters as well.) The “behind the scenes” notes, as mentioned, contain early concept sketches and developer commentary.


    2. Hi. Thanks for the walkthrough!!!!
      Can I ask you about the time of “early chapters”? I’ve just finished 3 chapers. 1 day for 1 chapter is really too short.


  14. fern

    hello! first off, thank you SO much for this walkthrough–it is a literal life (and money! and time!) saver!! I really appreciate all the work you put into this. 🙂

    ran into some trouble trying to get Another Ending though. Have finished the True End and checked all 4 flags necessary for Another Ending, but I was branched right into the flowchart for Alternate Endings that require me to save Atori/stop Osoto. Did I miss anything? I should have solved Kiriko’s puzzle too, since I changed nothing for that stage. :/ Thanks for your input!


    1. Hello! Thank you, and I’m glad to know that it’s helped you! (^o^) In regards to Another Ending, if you’re being branched to the “peaceful” choices even having all the ending flags, it means that the game isn’t registering that you have Kiriko’s puzzle. You will need to read the “Exile” stage in order to actually get Kiriko’s puzzle! Once you read that stage, you should be able to get Another Ending from “He is My Fate”. You don’t have to solve the puzzle for that ending, so you won’t have to go through the waiting room stage again.


      1. fern

        hello back Kaede! I redid “Exile” as you suggested and it solved the problem for me, thank you! (still don’t know which ending I prefer though, haha. I’m so conflicted!)


        1. That’s good to hear! I think the game might’ve updated to make the “Yes, I am” choice and owning the puzzle separate, since they were linked together before…and there’s always the option of both! ☆⌒(ゝ。∂)


  15. OwO

    Thanks for the walkthrough!!!!
    But somehow i still got stuck on chapter 6 because of that painting code (Paintings with star ranks). I tried to pressed them like the instruction but nothing happened .-. I don’t know what i did wrong


    1. No problem, glad it helps! In regards to chapter 6, I’ve tried the code and it does work, so what I can suggest is to exit the screen and re-enter it. Again, take note that you have to tap the panels multiple times in order (you don’t just tap it once from 1 to 5, you have to tap the first panel once, the second panel twice, so on so forth).


      1. OwO

        So that’s how to do it. Thanks!!!!!!
        I will try it tomorrow because I’m out of tickets .-. Thanks for the fast reply though!!!


          1. Nakheela

            Hello, Kaede. First of all I want to thank you for your walkthrough. They help me A LOT in the interrogation part. But somehow, I’m stuck in chapter 8 as in solving Kiriko’s puzzle.
            And sadly, I couldn’t open the visual guide link that you gave.
            Could you please help me with it? Thank you so much!


            1. Hello, I’m very glad to hear that it’s helpful to you! (^o^) If images aren’t loading for you, here’s a text description of what you need to do with the puzzle.

              Clockwise, starting from the top:
              – tap the first panel 3 times (fire symbol)
              – tap the second panel 4 times
              – leave the third panel alone (o with a – in the middle symbol)
              – tap the fourth panel 1 time
              – tap the fifth panel 2 times (crescent symbol)

              I hope that helps!


    1. I’ve checked the answers and they work, so to check, are you putting CAT as the ID and 1028 as the password? It’s the other way round. 1028 is the ID, and CAT is the password. (I just realised I had them swapped in the walkthrough, so I’ll correct that!) CAT is also case sensitive, so make sure that it’s entered in all capital letters!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Hi. Thanks for the walkthrough!!!!
    Can I ask you about the time of “early chapters”? I’ve just finished 3 chapers. 1 day for 1 chapter is really too short.


    1. Hello! I’m glad it helps. I’ve listed down the length of days you need for the “early chapters” under the “early clear bonuses” section. You either pay for the game with your time or your money! Such is the life of mobage.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Haru

    Good day! I just finished playing Tasokare Hotel today. I can’t believe I managed to be patient playing this game for free hahahaha. Thanks to your guide I can get the true end. Soo, thank you very much🙏.

    I have some questions about the special stories.
    1. Do we need tickets to read them?
    2. Does it have the “Let’s Search” and “Interrogate” section like the main game?
    3. In your opinion, are the special stories ‘satisfying’?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Good day, and congratulations! 🎉 I’m glad the guide was useful to you, and I hope you had fun seeing what the story had to offer! (^o^)

      In regards to your questions:

      1. Nope, no tickets required! They’re paid items, so once you pay real money for them, you can read them as and when you like.

      2. There are no search and interrogation portions. It’s purely reading (no choices or whatsoever)!

      3. I personally liked them a lot! I think that if you liked the game enough and can afford it, go for it. The special stories offer you an epilogue where you can see how things turn out for the characters after the true ending (and a bonus extra for clearing Another End). It also helps to provide a little more insight on the hotel residents (the Manager, Menow, Kiriko) if you’re interested in learning more about them! Otherwise, if you’re satisfied enough with the conclusion in the main story, you can just leave them be. There’s also the reading sample the game provides to give you a feel of what you can expect!


      1. Haru

        Thank you very much for your answer. I am still considering to buy the special story. But let’s see if I can save some money to buy it 😁


        1. I hope it helps clears up things! (^o^) Wishing you luck with saving money, the price is considerably steep compared to the special stories in previous SEEC games since there’s voices to pair with the writing and CGs this time round.


  18. omg this is the most detailed walkthru ever thank you so much !!!!!!!!!
    btw I finished everything and the special stories too but there seems to be no voice in anything apart from the mission and there’s no voice button in the character section ;(


    1. I’m glad that it’s helpful! (^o^) And that’s…very bizarre. I’ve checked my own game and voices play fine for me in both the character profiles and special stories (I’m on version 1.1.6). I’m not very sure what the issue would be or if they accidentally removed the sound files in later versions of the game, so what I can suggest is writing an email to SEEC about it and seeing how they can troubleshoot it for you! I’ve messaged them before regarding other things and they tend to reply within a couple of days. This is the email I used to write to them: info-appli-en@se-ec.co.jp !


        1. Oh no, are there reasons for restrictions on where the voices are available? 😢 That’s rather unfortunate, since people outside of those regions would probably be paying the same price for a lesser product. But it does seem that the tagline promoting the special stories never did explicitly mention voices to begin with. Weird.


            1. Oh, I guess it’s locked to location, then. I live in one of the accessible regions so that’s lucky for me, but damn. I’m glad you found a way to access them! I’ll make a note of that in the post.

              Liked by 1 person

  19. Thank you for your guide! It really helped me in the long run, but I was stuck at the part about how to get the other ending in Chapter 8. Luckily for me, you wrote something about going back to the chapters it tells you to and changing your answers which helped me get the last 2 stars I needed for the other ending. Thank you!!


  20. trangtran0218

    Thank you for suck a detail guide. I was able to clear all the stages thanks to you~~

    Are you able to collect all the graphics in the game? I’m still missing 1 in chapter 5, 1 in chapter 6 and I don’t know how to get it. Even though I have cleared all the endings in these chapters but it’s still said that I have done 37/39 (chapter 5) and 22/23 (chapter 6). Seems like I’m missing something T.T


    1. I’m glad to hear that! (^o^) For chapter 5, I believe you’re missing the Atori CG – go to “Never give up” and pick the “Atori senpai” option. Read through “Missing it badly”, and then go to “Thank you” from the chapter select option. This will branch you to “An Irritating Girl”, which will get you that CG!

      As for chapter 6, I’m not sure which CG you’re missing – the most likely one would be the one from “Welcome to the Tasokare Hotel”, which is an ending you can get from picking the “let Atori know” option in “What to do”. Otherwise, it’s the CG you can get from the branch when you choose to work at the reception in “A Meaning of Working”. I’d suggest reading Welcome to the Tasokare Hotel again since I think you might have unlocked that ending but not actually have read it yet, which would be the case if the title is highlighted in orange.


  21. Mellomunchies

    I’m at “The reinchenbach from hell” section of ch 8, and after the story part I have to present the steel bar in ten seconds. The first time, I spammed every item I could and got game over, since I didn’t read that far in the walkthrough. The second time, I presented the sash and then the steel bar, still got game over. So then I made sure to press only steel bar icon once, then tapped the regular screen, thinking that’s how to present it?, and I still got the game over screen. Am I missing something? Going to try again tomorrow since I ran out of keys; hopefully it was just a fluke.


    1. Hello! You’re supposed to present the umbrella at “The Reichenbach Fall in Hell”, not the steel bar (you present it at the stage after), which is why you’re getting a game over. Hope that helps!


  22. Misaki

    hey i already presented the umbrella but it still not working 😞. i’ve finished all my tickets and keep on presenting the umbrella but still to no avail..


    1. Hello! Which part of the story are you at? I’ve checked the relevant chapters in the game and I can confirm that the umbrella and steel bar work at where you’re supposed to use them.


  23. Hello! Very late, but I just wanted to comment on your review and thank you for it; I was SO excited to find someone who also loves this game/SEEC haha! I’ve been a fangirl ever since I played Yotsumegami at the start of 2017…. that was a very lucky time to find out about them lmao, they released a bunch of stuff that same year (which I was very glad about… I’m pretty sure 70% of the games I played in 2017 were SEEC games, not that I played a lot in the first place tho).

    I was 100% ON BOARD when they announced Tasokare by the end of the year, and I started playing it on the first day of release lmao. I’m still in love with Tasokare tbh. The fan content for it is also great which is definitely a plus (cries at the lack of fanart for the first 3 mainline games). I’d love to hear your thoughts on other SEEC games someday! If you feel like it in the future of course. 😛

    Anyway, I’m assuming you didn’t play the JP ver in full, so some of your thoughts about the game made me wonder what’s up with the EN ver? Some stuff about the hotel is, at the very least, explained differently in the JP ver, and some other stuff also seems… kinda off? Some screenshots made me look at the EN TL with shifty eyes haha. I wish I could be specific but I don’t know if I can white-out stuff in comments. ;; Any extra thoughts about the translation?

    Also uh, sorry for the long post, I got excited. ;n;


    1. Hello! NO NEED FOR APOLOGIES, I’M JUST AS EXCITED TO SEE SOMEONE ELSE OUT THERE WHO LOVES SEEC TITLES. GRIPS YOUR HANDS…AND THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING. My first foray with SEEC was with The Prison Boys! They do a lot of really neat exploration with their titles…I’m looking forward to see what Uyrh no Shohousen brings. How did you chance upon Yotsumegami?

      YOU’RE A POWERFUL VETERAN. I wish I kept up with SEEC more regularly, because now I’m just looking longingly at the old Neko merchandise I will never be able to get…clench fist…IT REALLY IS I had such a great time digging through content when I was done with it. It’s a shame that SEEC is still relatively obscure…fingers crossed that their following will grow bigger (and us being able to consume more fan content). I’d love to hear your thoughts on the games too, if you’re up for sharing! I might revisit the older titles to see what I’d think of them now.

      And yup, you’re right – I got the JP version so I could compare it with the EN release, but I got lazy so I mostly skimmed it though I have everything unlocked. I keep thinking that I’ll check on it later but I keep putting it off…looks to distance…go ahead! I think it’s fine if you just put a spoiler warning note, otherwise I can edit it in no problem. The translation somewhat clumsy, haha – it’s functional, but not very polished. I think that the main story can be conveyed just fine, at the very least! AGAIN, NO WORRIES. I dump out my thoughts on this blog for fun, so being able to find other people to talk about it is always a bonus. 💖 Thank you!


  24. Fruit-san

    Heya! Sorry if this has been asked before, but I’ve got a problem with continuing the story. So, I just started chapter 3 (with Pansy head guy) and I finished the segment where we first ransack his room. I found the album, but… Nothing happens. I’ve followed the game’s guide, and tapped on the album too, but nothing.

    Er, am I doing something wrong? I’ve heard the battle of preserving tickets is a harsh one, I don’t want to accidentally waste one :’)


    1. Hello! You’re at “The Pansy Head’s Guest Room”, right? I’ve checked the game and you should immediately progress the moment you get the album even if you ignored all the other hints in the room (sans the fire poker since it’s in the way of the frame holding the album). If you’re not progressing, it might be some sort of bug…? The most I can suggest is to force close the app while on the stage, re-enter the game (the game will ask if you want to resume your stage and will not deduct any tickets from you), and try the stage again. Otherwise, you might have to contact SEEC regarding this (their contact email listed on the game page is abe.seec@gmail.com).


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