[Game review] Trigger Kiss


The actual full name of this game is a handful, but this suffices. After a series of events, Sendou Futaba transfers to Akizuki High School, where she is almost immediately tricked into joining the superpower club. The goal: to win the world championships to save the club from being disbanded.

(There’s quite a number of screenshots for the game after the read more, but none of them directly spoil the content for the story.)

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[Game review] Binary Star


This illustration and many others makes me mourn over the lack of an art book for this game. Following the death of her parents, Sorano Fuu resolves to be an “Angel” to atone for their sins of being dealers of a substance called “stars”. She works alongside other Angels to pursue cases related to the stars, while finding out more about their pasts as they get to know each other.

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