[Art book] Kyoukai no Shirayuki Official Art Book


Yeah, I still have energy to use up in regards to talking about Kyoukai no Shirayuki. NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM WHAT I WANT TO POST.

I briefly mentioned the art book for the game before, but I thought about making a more detailed post about it. I buy a lot of art books, but I have a terrible track record of looking at them properly and forgetting I own them in the process (I bought a dupe of an art book I had once due to that). I think that writing up about my purchases will probably help me appreciate them more as well.

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[Game review] Kyoukai no Shirayuki


Akagami Mashiro, a pomegranate enthusiast, is invited by her friend Ataru to a mirror exhibition at a gallery. The day of the exhibition also happens to be her father’s birthday, where she was involved in a falling accident from a pomegranate tree as a child, but enough about that. She obtains a hand mirror along the way and finds herself in the “mirror world”, where the people she’s met are not as they seem in Real Life (TM).

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