[Liveblog diary] Cendrillon Palika


Here’s my thoughts on Cendrillon Palika, except in the raw unfiltered orange juice version compared to the more polished one I wrote up. Yeah, I wrote a nearly 28,000 word post for this. You are truly capable of doing anything your heart desires.

December 6, 2018. Main features: copious amounts of yelling, “WHAT THE HELL”, “I LOVE HAILI?”. Not featured: the amount of times I kept tripping over my typing as I was liveblogging the game along with some choice words that were excised to keep this family-friendly. More Opinions (TM), and musing on the series along with general meta.

Spoilers are not whited out, so take caution.

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[Diary] February 2019


A list of what I’ve done for the month, or up to now:

  • Started watching Suite Precure
  • Went on a buying spree
  • Got a scented candle
  • Went to Indonesia
  • Read a bunch of books
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika
  • Played a bunch of games (Tasokare Hotel, Kagoniwa no Cock Robin, ROOT REXX, What’s Your Name?, Mystic Messenger)
  • Made things I wanted to make

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[Game review] ROOT REXX


Mochizuki Kazune gets really into a boy band known as REXX with one single to its name that disappears into the void after said single’s release, announcing an indefinite disbandment despite the band’s apparent popularity. Life goes on and she transfers into a school soon after, where she finds out that members of said band are currently enrolled in it as well through a series of Complete Coincidences. Thus begins Kazune’s quest to hopefully revive the band as she navigates her own school life.

Wow, I actually managed to finish this game before a year passed me by! It’s a February miracle!

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[Game review/walkthrough] Tasokare Hotel


A girl finds herself in the middle of nowhere, but manages to stumble upon a hotel after wandering around. As it turns out, the hotel hosts spirits that are lost between the world of life and death, unaware of what their current situation is in reality. After discovering her identity, Tsukahara Neko decides to work at the hotel to pass time until she regains her memories and can go to her supposed “destination”, helping other guests find out the circumstances behind their “deaths”.

It’s a wild not otome game thoughts post! Surprise! I also wrote up a guide/walkthrough for the game you can refer to on the second page of this post.

Guide / Walkthrough

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[Diary] January 2019

Wow, it’s only the first month, but I already have a top contender for “most heterosexual thing I drew in 2019”. I think I only breached that barrier in March last year. A new achievement! Yay! New year, new Kaede! (^o^) Anyway, a list of what I did up to now:

  • Played a bunch of games (The Amazing Shinsengumi, Dead Wishes, ROOT REXX, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk, Bad Apple Wars, Tasokare Hotel, Yotsumegami, HeartBaked)
  • Still going on about Cendrillon Palika
  • Finished watching Go Princess Precure
  • Attended a wedding
  • Wrote more holiday cards
  • Made things I wanted to make

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[Diary] 2018 overview (+ blog anniversary)


Something to commemorate the first and last games I played to completion in 2018. Congratulations to me, I’ve been writing this blog for a whole year! I kept up a consistent diary! I’m very pleased with myself. Shoutout to Kyoukai no Shirayuki for starting me off on this journey, and happy birthday to Akagami Mashiro. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog! I really enjoy engaging with everyone and seeing others’ posts and thoughts. Here’s to another fruitful year of gaming and life in general.

A general list of what I did in 2018:

  • Cut myself off from mobage grinding
  • Got really into otome games
  • Drew to my heart’s content
  • Did crafts I wanted to do
  • Wrote letters

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